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Get the scoop on V-LICE's first released First Amendment Audit. This one is on the University of Los Santos, and vicariously, the Los Santos Police Department due to their response.

Please see the edited summary below, the full unedited version is attached at the bottom of the page. Enjoy.





[19:25:07] * Theodore Powell makes sure he's recording.
[19:26:05] * Theodore Powell zooms in on Louis.
[19:26:07] Theodore Powell says: Nice.
[19:26:23] Louis Rimbaud says: Oh no.
[19:26:49] * Theodore Powell pans the phone to film the entrance.
[19:27:55] * Isabella Harris looks to Ryan as a warm smile forms on her face
[19:28:15] * Isabella Harris looks to Theo
[19:31:06] Theodore Powell says: Never seen so many college kids with vanity plates.
[19:31:12] Theodore Powell says: ISABELLA. Nice.
[19:33:36] Tyler Monroe says: Respect.
[19:33:38] * Isabella Harris poses infront of the sign
[19:33:46] * Tyler Monroe poses with his champ brother.
[19:33:49] * Theodore Powell zooms in on Harris. There're no picture sounds.
[19:33:55] * Isabella Harris laughs, walking off
[19:33:57] Diamond Rae says: Nice one!
[19:33:59] * Diamond Rae smiles.
[19:34:08] Ryan King says: Better not see some weird shit bro.
[19:34:10] Tyler Monroe says: Tyler on facebrowser.
[19:34:17] Tyler Monroe says: Send the photos bye.
[19:36:31] Martin Thoresen says: Evening.
[19:36:37] * Theodore Powell pans the phone's camera to Martin.
[19:36:41] * Theodore Powell blinks.
[19:36:53] * Theodore Powell zooms in on his holstered firearm.
[19:36:58] Martin Thoresen says: May I ask why you're filming around here?
[19:37:17] * Theodore Powell pans the camera off Martin.
[19:37:23] Martin Thoresen says: Sir.
[19:37:36] * Theodore Powell pans the camera to Jimmy. He zooms in on the man's holstered firearm.
[19:38:03] * Theodore Powell zooms in on Hinami.
[19:38:16] * Jimmy O'Dwyer blocks the camera.
[19:38:25] * Theodore Powell backs off, he makes sure to get all three in the shot.
[19:38:26] * Hinami Takeda looks confused.
[19:38:28] * Martin Thoresen looks at Hinami.
[19:38:32] Martin Thoresen says: Hey there, just keep walking.
[19:38:34] Hinami Takeda says: Ok.
[19:39:09] * Theodore Powell zooms in on the ID hanging on Jimmy's chest.
[19:39:11] * What does it say? ((Theodore Powell))*
[19:39:26] * Exactly what it looks like, ULSA Faculty. ((Jimmy O'Dwyer))*
[19:39:31] Edward Wilson says: There we go again.
[19:39:45] * Theodore Powell ignores Jimmy.
[19:40:12] Edward Wilson says: Police.
[19:40:20] Edward Wilson says: Nevermind.
[19:40:46] Edward Wilson says: Hey, I think you know Mr —
[19:41:04] * Jennifer Falcon let her arm hang from the window. She looked out at Theodore.
[19:41:08] * Edward Wilson turns back, briefly looking at Theodore with a blank facial expression.
[19:41:19] Jennifer Falcon says: So... what's the issue, bud?
[19:41:20] Tyler Monroe says: Ao, Ed!
[19:41:27] * Theodore Powell blinks at Falcon.
[19:41:30] Edward Wilson says: Trespassing.
[19:41:34] Theodore Powell says: Hello, Sergeant Falcon.
[19:41:44] Tyler Monroe says [low]: Dude, who is this weirdo?
[19:41:44] Theodore Powell says: Can you please educate the guards here on the first amendment.
[19:41:49] Tyler Monroe says [low]: She took photos of my car plate.
[19:41:52] Jennifer Falcon says: ... Right.
[19:41:52] Tyler Monroe says [low]: Well, he.
[19:41:53] Theodore Powell says: Also, can you educate them the definition of Assault in San Andreas.
[19:41:58] Theodore Powell says: Maybe that'll clear their minds here.
[19:42:08] Tyler Monroe says: Bro, why was you taking photos of cars?
[19:42:12] Edward Wilson says: This is a private property, this sidewalk and the whole campus. You can be arrested for trespassing.
[19:42:23] Rosie Wilkinson shouts: He's been taking videos of everyone! Their cars too!
[19:42:24] Jennifer Falcon says: I can't do a ton about 'im recording. That's... that's just what it is. If y'want him gone from the property, then just have 'im trespassed.
[19:42:24] Edward Wilson says: If the security asks you to leave, you leave.
[19:42:39] * Jimmy O'Dwyer nods.
[19:42:43] Martin Thoresen says: Sir. Please leave this area.
[19:42:44] Theodore Powell says: Interesting. Sergeant Falcon?
[19:42:46] Judy Rose says: Everyone, dude.
[19:42:50] Rosie Wilkinson says: Hey tried, I drove off.
[19:43:19] Rosie Wilkinson shouts: He's done it before!
[19:43:32] Jennifer Falcon says: — Like I said. If y'wanna record, or whatever- just do it off the property.
[19:43:34] Theodore Powell says: Excuse me, Sergeant Falcon.
[19:43:38] Claire Weiss says: Oh no.
[19:43:41] Jennifer Falcon says: I can't do anything about 'im takin' pictures.
[19:43:42] * Cedric Nativel squints as he looks around, he raises his palm to Rosie before leaning to eyeball the group to his left.
[19:43:58] * Claire Weiss side-eyes the canine car.
[19:44:00] * Jennifer Falcon arched a golden brow at Theodore.
[19:44:02] Theodore Powell says: Can you show me where it's signposted anywhere that this /PUBLIC/ sidewalk bordering Picture Perfect Drive, a public paved road in Los Santos, that it is /somehow/ private property?
[19:44:03] * Rosie Wilkinson flicks her chin at Nativel. She flashes him a wide smile that exposes her teeth.
[19:44:04] Cedric Nativel says: Nothing unusual.
[19:44:17] Cedric Nativel says: I mean, for here.
[19:44:30] Theodore Powell says: I understand the campus behind me, yes. But a public sidewalk somehow becoming private property? Is this recognized anywhere in the city charter?
[19:44:38] Claire Weiss says: We'll just sit around because of the crowd.
[19:44:42] Jennifer Falcon says: Look— I don't know anything 'bout signs, or whatever. They've had the land surveyed, n' as far as I'm aware this is listed as part of their property.
[19:44:44] Ryan King says [low]: Still declined?
[19:44:44] * Harlow Madden eyes the group, curious of what is going on.
[19:44:46] Cedric Nativel says: For sure.
[19:44:52] Martin Thoresen says: That's his second warning now to leave the property.
[19:44:53] Theodore Powell says: And where would that "list" be?
[19:44:56] Martin Thoresen says [low]: Yes.
[19:45:23] Edward Wilson says: Signed you up as a driver.
[19:45:28] Martin Thoresen says: One more warning and we're pressing charges for trespassing.
[19:45:32] Edward Wilson says: Only could do so, it's only me an you. Officially.
[19:45:40] Jennifer Falcon says: M'kay— if y'wanna ask about that, just go to City Hall n' they can clear it up.
[19:45:42] Tyler Monroe says: Weirdoooo.
[19:45:51] Jennifer Falcon says: Still- I can't do anything about 'im recording, n' taking pictures.
[19:45:52] Theodore Powell says: Because, as far as I can see? This is a public sidewalk, on a public road. If an officer wishes to try and arrest me for trespassing on a /public/ sidewalk, then I'd love to see them justify that in a court-room for the D-A's office.
[19:45:55] Edward Wilson says: Didn't specify.
[19:46:02] Ryan King says: He a creep, but whatever.
[19:46:05] Claire Weiss says: Yeah. Lots of experience.
[19:46:06] Edward Wilson says: I mean, there wasn't a need to specify it so, it's up to us.
[19:46:10] Claire Weiss says: That's the only way you can get ready.
[19:46:13] Jennifer Falcon says: M'kay... but I ain't talkin' about arresting anyone.
[19:46:15] Claire Weiss says: Because you gotta think of it like this.
[19:46:21] Jennifer Falcon says: - 'Cause I can't.
[19:46:23] Claire Weiss says: The final's just a quick check of you being good enough, right.
[19:46:24] Ryan King says: Bro, where is your girl?
[19:46:31] Claire Weiss says: But you gotta act like you do on your final every single day goin' forward.
[19:46:36] Martin Thoresen says: Students are creeped out by his behaviour, we do not want him on the property, Officer.
[19:46:41] Claire Weiss says: You can't just like, suddenly do worse, or you'll end up getting demoted.
[19:46:45] Theodore Powell says: Hey, guard.
[19:46:47] Ryan King says: She's giving you head?
[19:46:49] Ryan King says: Ahaaaaah!
[19:46:50] * Cedric Nativel carefully listens, rocking his head with a blank stare as he thinks.
[19:47:00] Cedric Nativel says: Definitely. Definitely.
[19:47:05] Theodore Powell says: So do /you/ have anything to cite regarding where this /public/ sidewalk is listed as private property?
[19:47:06] Jennifer Falcon says: Alright— well. Unfortunately the sidewalk /is/ publicly accessible. 
[19:47:11] Tyler Monroe says: Ok, see you laters then.
[19:47:16] Jennifer Falcon says: So I can't do a ton about 'im being on the sidewalk, either.
[19:47:21] Edward Wilson says: See you.
[19:47:23] Jennifer Falcon says: If it was fenced off, that'd be a different story.
[19:47:25] Cedric Nativel says: Because I'm looking to do my final... some time soon, hopefully. But then, I'm looking to keep practicing.
[19:47:26] Ryan King says: I need my crepes bro.
[19:47:28] * Theodore Powell nods at Falcon.
[19:47:31] Theodore Powell says: Thank you, Sergeant.
[19:47:31] Claire Weiss says: Don't think of it as something you need to study for and pass.
[19:47:33] Edward Wilson says: We don't have car yet.
[19:47:36] Claire Weiss says: Because it's a little more than that.
[19:47:40] * Jimmy O'Dwyer sighs then smiles to Falcon.
[19:47:44] Claire Weiss says: You have to be good enough to be a supervisor.
[19:47:52] Jennifer Falcon says: I— listen. I ain't pickin' sides, but I can't just shoo 'im away.
[19:47:55] Ryan King says: Was supposed to start 15 minutes ago?
[19:47:56] Claire Weiss says: And you have to be that good permanently.
[19:48:08] Cedric Nativel says: Right. That's true.
[19:48:25] Theodore Powell says: I appreciate your input, Sergeant Falcon. It's great to have you here to clear this up for these guards.
[19:48:26] Theodore Powell says: Also.
[19:48:33] Theodore Powell says: Can I get your opinion on something else?
[19:48:39] Jennifer Falcon says: ... Sure. Go 'head.
[19:48:51] Edward Wilson says: Apparently not.
[19:48:55] * Rose is wearing Judy's cap. ((Rosie Wilkinson))*
[19:48:56] Claire Weiss says: I told you it'd be quiet.
[19:48:57] Rosie Wilkinson says: Yuhuh.
[19:49:01] Theodore Powell says: This guard here is open carrying a firearm on what he now has been informed to be public property, that is not privately owned or managed.
[19:49:10] Theodore Powell says: This is not an unincorporated area of San Andreas.
[19:49:17] Cedric Nativel says: It's like everything or nothing in those shifts.
[19:49:30] Claire Weiss says: Well, Thursdays're like this.
[19:49:31] * Jennifer Falcon poked her head through the window to look back at Bianco.
[19:49:32] Jennifer Falcon says: Yo. Guy.
[19:49:33] * Jimmy O'Dwyer looks to Dunois and smiles before turning back to the situation.
[19:49:34] Jennifer Falcon says: Not helping.
[19:49:35] * Charlotte Dunois glances at Theodore with droopy eyes.
[19:49:45] Theodore Powell says: Sergeant Falcon.
[19:49:47] Ryan King says: Hah!
[19:49:50] * Jennifer Falcon ran a palm along her freckled features.
[19:49:51] Theodore Powell says: I'd like to press charges on this man for assault.
[19:49:58] Theodore Powell says: He has now put me in fear of my life of an unlawful act of violence.
[19:50:05] Edward Wilson says: You can press charges on my fat cock you weirdo.
[19:50:15] Theodore Powell says: PC 201, San Andreas Penal Code.
[19:50:22] Cedric Nativel says: Doesn't look like it's getting any better out there.
[19:50:29] * Jennifer Falcon pushed her door open, and stepped out.
[19:50:34] Ryan King says: Such as taking pictures of people on campus? Ain't that also a felony?
[19:50:35] Claire Weiss says: Well, let's go assist Falcon.
[19:50:37] Cedric Nativel says: Let's... uh...  yeah.
[19:50:37] Theodore Powell says: Falcon, I'd like this man in the black hoodie arrested for assault.
[19:50:38] * Claire Weiss hops out.
[19:50:41] Theodore Powell says: I'm prepared to give a full statement.
[19:50:43] Jennifer Falcon says: Alright— c'mon. Already told ya' to stop.
[19:50:47] Theodore Powell says: I have what he said on film.
[19:51:03] Rosie Wilkinson shouts: Kick his ass!
[19:51:10] * Cedric Nativel bites on his lips as he awkwardly nods to Charlotte before stepping towards the group.
[19:51:17] Jennifer Falcon says: — Alright, c'mon. Hands behind your back.
[19:51:18] Cedric Nativel says: Evening boss.
[19:51:18] Martin Thoresen says: Ok sir, you are legitimately provoking the students here for your own cause.
[19:51:19] Jennifer Falcon says: Let's go.
[19:51:24] * Martin Thoresen looks at Theodore.
[19:51:28] Jennifer Falcon says: Ya' heard me.
[19:51:29] Edward Wilson says: Wait, why is he being detained?
[19:51:35] Ryan King says: Instead of trying to film the people on campus, you can perhaps try to find your bottom lip? You "no lip" having ass.
[19:51:35] Cedric Nativel says: Let's go man.
[19:51:41] Martin Thoresen says: Alright, everyone else!
[19:51:43] Martin Thoresen says: Move back, alright?
[19:51:45] * Harlow Madden blinks at the interaction in front of her.
[19:51:54] * Theodore Powell holds the grimiest of smirks.
[19:51:55] Jennifer Falcon says: Already told ya' once to stop, n' now you're just causin' issues.
[19:52:00] * Cedric Nativel stands beside Falcon, hands ready to grasp onto Bianco as he carefully mirrors her level of force.
[19:52:04] Jennifer Falcon says: Guy's pressin' charges, so now you're takni' the ride. 
[19:52:11] Martin Thoresen says: Wilson.
[19:52:16] Theodore Powell says: For Assault.
[19:52:18] Jennifer Falcon says: Unfortunately recording ain't a crime.
[19:52:21] Edward Wilson says: What charges is he pressing on him? Assault? He didn't even touch him.
[19:52:23] Jennifer Falcon says: So c'mon. Let's go.
[19:52:23] Theodore Powell says: You just put me in fear of an unlawful act of violence.
[19:52:25] * Martin Thoresen taps Edward's shoulder.
[19:52:28] Theodore Powell says: Oh, man. Are you even from here?
[19:52:31] Theodore Powell says: You need to brush up on law.
[19:52:43] Jennifer Falcon says: Sidewalk's publicly accessible. 
[19:52:44] * Edward Wilson would step back as Martin pats him on the back.
[19:52:50] Jennifer Falcon says: I ain't gonna ask ya' again, man. C'mon.
[19:52:55] Charlotte Dunois says [low]:  I have no clue but it is very interesting.
[19:52:57] Theodore Powell says: Do you have any proof of that?
[19:53:02] Martin Thoresen says: Step back, don't want you behind any cruisers.
[19:53:04] Rosie Wilkinson shouts:  There's witnesses dumbass!
[19:53:05] * Claire Weiss keys up.
[19:53:11] Theodore Powell says: Witnesses won't stick a charge on me, buckos.
[19:53:14] Ryan King says [low]: Well, that guy is a creep who was taking pictures or videos of our campus.
[19:53:15] Charlotte Dunois says [low]: Sociology perspective.
[19:53:22] Martin Thoresen says: Officers, with all due respect. The male there is legitimately provoking our students right here.
[19:53:22] * Jennifer Falcon reached around to the back of her belt, and pulled a pair of Smith and Wessons from her belt.
[19:53:30] Martin Thoresen says: I hope you are seeing this.
[19:53:30] Theodore Powell says: I haven't said a word before you confronted me, actually.
[19:53:34] Jennifer Falcon says: — Again. That ain't a crime.
[19:53:40] Edward Wilson says [low]: Doctor Dunois, doesn't this sidewalk belong to campus? I heard you say it before.
[19:53:41] Jennifer Falcon says: Tellin' someone you're gonna hurt 'em is.
[19:53:41] Theodore Powell says: And I have /all/ of that on film.
[19:53:41] * Martin Thoresen sighs.
[19:53:45] * Cedric Nativel places his right hand atop Bianco's shoulder, merely assisting Falcon.
[19:54:01] Theodore Powell says: No.
[19:54:04] * Jennifer Falcon fastened the handcuffs around Bianco's wrists.
[19:54:05] Theodore Powell says: Do you know the constituion?
[19:54:05] Claire Weiss says: No sir, it's not.
[19:54:09] Harlow Madden says [low]: Fuckin'.. Why like are they taking him??!
[19:54:11] Claire Weiss says: So. Is this about recording?
[19:54:16] * Isabella Harris waits as she looks at the large crowd
[19:54:17] * Theodore Powell pans the camera to Weiss.
[19:54:17] Claire Weiss says: Okay lemme just clear the air for everyone if it is.
[19:54:19] Charlotte Dunois says [low]: He seems to be very absorbed in his own world seeing through a keyhole. Where the rules of social law doesn't seem to apply to him as long as normal formal law is present.
[19:54:20] * Harlow Madden comments as Julian is handcuffed.
[19:54:20] Claire Weiss says: So.
[19:54:22] Claire Weiss says: Basically.
[19:54:29] Martin Thoresen says: I'm sorry for not helping, but him recording everyone, is not a breach of privacy. Though, if he makes it public, it's a breach.
[19:54:35] Martin Thoresen says: Officers, are Bianco here being arrested?
[19:54:37] Diamond Rae says: Yes some old dude running around recording us between classes.
[19:54:38] Claire Weiss says: Recording people from a public area is a first amendment protected activity.
[19:54:47] * Theodore Powell nods approvingly at Weiss' words.
[19:54:53] Diamond Rae says: It's just weird.
[19:54:57] * Jennifer Falcon upped her chin in Nativel's direction.
[19:55:03] Claire Weiss says: This sidewalk is considered a public forum forum for the purpose of the first amendment, ergo, protected activities are permissible on it.
[19:55:05] Edward Wilson says: Why is he being arrested again?
[19:55:07] * Isabella Harris nudges Ryan
[19:55:08] Jennifer Falcon says: Someone on the way down here for 'im?
[19:55:11] * Martin Thoresen looks between Cedric and Jennifer.
[19:55:16] Claire Weiss says: He can record them on private property /from/ public property, sir.
[19:55:17] Cedric Nativel says [low]: Yep.
[19:55:26] * Isabella Harris looks to Harlow with a smile before looking forward again
[19:55:28] Theodore Powell says: Unless they have a reasonable expectation of privacy.
[19:55:30] Martin Thoresen says: Hey, Wilson, step back, give officers some room. I have a question for them.
[19:55:30] * Ryan King looks over his shoulder, smiling at Isabella as he wraps his arm around her neck.
[19:55:30] Jennifer Falcon says: He's bein' arrested for assault.
[19:55:31] Claire Weiss says: Just like, for example, he could stand outside someone's house on the public sidewalk and record them on their yard.
[19:55:40] Edward Wilson says: He did not even touch the guy, how is that assault?
[19:55:40] * Cedric Nativel lets go of Bianco's shoulder, taking a step back.
[19:55:48] Jennifer Falcon says: — Nobody said anything about bein' deported.
[19:55:50] Claire Weiss says: Unless of course, for example, the person put up a fence to obscure it and he put the phone over and above the fence to record.
[19:55:50] Theodore Powell says: Hello, Officer.
[19:55:52] Ryan King says [low]: How is the creep not getting arrested, but Jul is?
[19:55:55] * Martin Thoresen looks at Falcon.
[19:55:56] Theodore Powell says: Can I get your badge number?
[19:55:57] Claire Weiss says: So basically, sir.
[19:55:57] Harlow Madden says [low]: The fuck?? Did she just say people can record us if we are on private property? That's fuckin' scary.
[19:56:06] Claire Weiss says: He's well within his rights to stand in a public area and record people.
[19:56:07] * Theodore Powell films Nativel with such question.
[19:56:15] Cedric Nativel says: Uhm, badge 24646, sir.
[19:56:17] Claire Weiss says: Now if he came /onto/ campus property and did it? It'd be a different situation.
[19:56:17] Martin Thoresen says: Is he being arrested, officers?
[19:56:18] Edward Wilson says: Hey, how is that assault when there wasn't any physical contact?
[19:56:19] Theodore Powell says: Thank you.
[19:56:23] Martin Thoresen says: Wilson!
[19:56:25] Charlotte Dunois says [low]: It is a little more complicated then that Ms Hadden.
[19:56:27] Jennifer Falcon says: That's not what assault is in the State of San Andreas.
[19:56:31] Martin Thoresen says: Step back, don't get too close.
[19:56:34] Edward Wilson says: I'm just asking a question!
[19:56:35] Jennifer Falcon says: That ain't the legal defenition of assault.
[19:56:36] * Judy Rose shakes her head.
[19:56:37] Claire Weiss says: So basically you're allowed to keep him /off/ campus property, but not the sidewalk.
[19:56:41] Harlow Madden says [low]: Like, that's what she said though.
[19:56:48] Claire Weiss says: He can do whatever he wants on the sidewalk as long as it's legal.
[19:56:49] * Isabella Harris leans into Ryan as she whispers
[19:56:55] Cedric Nativel says [low]: Okay... well, a canine won't help. We might need someone with a cage.
[19:57:05] * Tyler Monroe eyes Diamond.
[19:57:06] * Damien Sharpe shoulder checks, eyeing his own vehicle.
[19:57:07] * Martin Thoresen looks at Falcon, concerned.
[19:57:08] Edward Wilson says: Alright, let's see what internal affairs has to say about that. What is your badge number, sergeant?
[19:57:11] Charlotte Dunois says [low]: He has the right to record because this is public property, but it is still campus grounds— it has rules which must be followed— namely be a student..
[19:57:13] Damien Sharpe says [low]: Ah...
[19:57:15] Claire Weiss says: Well sir you're welcome to formally trespass him from the campus if you so desire.
[19:57:19] Jennifer Falcon says: Three six five one seven.
[19:57:22] Martin Thoresen says: Is there anything I can do to let him off from the cuffs, officer?
[19:57:22] Claire Weiss says: Because, it's not public property.
[19:57:23] Edward Wilson says: Cool.
[19:57:28] Claire Weiss says: But that doesn't stop him from going on the sidewalk.
[19:57:29] Theodore Powell says: Hello, guard. I can assure you that I have not nor have any intention of entering this campus. Trespass me if you like.
[19:57:29] Charlotte Dunois says [low]: Obvious expections can be made.. if you do not become a disruptive force..
[19:57:32] * Olivia Ross steps out of the unmarked, grabbign her vest as she then slips it on.
[19:57:33] * Isabella Harris laughs
[19:57:34] * Ryan King lands a quick kiss on Bella's head, chuckling softly.
[19:57:46] Edward Wilson says: Well, let's hope the cameras have been recording.
[19:57:46] Theodore Powell says: Officer, can I get your badge number?
[19:57:46] Claire Weiss says: Great. Hopefully that's cleared all this up.
[19:57:50] * Isabella Harris nods
[19:57:52] Claire Weiss says: Lieutenant Weiss. 15317.
[19:57:57] Judy Rose says: Mhm?
[19:57:58] Theodore Powell says: Ah- Lieutenant. Thank you.
[19:58:02] Martin Thoresen says: Is there anything I can do to let him off from the cuffs, officer?
[19:58:11] Olivia Ross says [low]: What we got?
[19:58:14] Claire Weiss says: Do you have any other issues you need to be addressed at this point in time, sir?
[19:58:18] Jennifer Falcon says: That ain't for us to decide at this point, pal.
[19:58:24] Theodore Powell says: None at all.
[19:58:25] * Damien Sharpe exhales audibly before looking over to Julian.
[19:58:25] Claire Weiss says: Okay, you have a great day.
[19:58:29] Jennifer Falcon says: If the guy drops charges, then he drops 'em. Otherwise, there ain't anything I can do.
[19:58:39] * Jennifer Falcon upped her chin at Ross.
[19:58:46] * Olivia Ross nods to Falcon, crossing her arms.
[19:58:46] Jennifer Falcon says: Ya' got a cage in the truck by chance?
[19:58:54] Cedric Nativel says: Falcon, I have 2L15 coming.
[19:58:58] Olivia Ross says [low]: I can probably fit, yeah.
[19:59:04] * Jennifer Falcon looked over  her shoulder to Nativel.
[19:59:04] * Theodore Powell films the arrest. He makes sure to get a nice set of angles. Theo's greedy grin is unsettling.
[19:59:06] * Damien Sharpe lifts both of his hands up and places them onto his external vest, grappling the straps. He would then shakes his head a few times while pursing his lips.
[19:59:08] Jennifer Falcon says: M'kay. We'll wait for 'em then.
[19:59:11] Martin Thoresen says: And him being the, provoking douche that he is, he won't drop the charges.
[19:59:28] Tyler Monroe says [low]: This is shit man.
[20:00:05] * Jennifer Falcon ran a palm along her freckled features.
[20:00:06] Cedric Nativel says [low]: Hey, uhm. What's your name? Haven't met before. I'm Officer Nativel.
[20:00:14] * Martin Thoresen looks at Cedric.
[20:00:16] Martin Thoresen says: Me?
[20:00:23] * Cedric Nativel quickly nods to Martin with a neutral expression as he offers his hand out for a brief but firm shake.
[20:00:24] * Damien Sharpe focuses his gaze on Theodore, narrowing his eyes as he watches him record.
[20:00:26] Cedric Nativel says: Correct.
[20:00:27] Theodore Powell says: Sir, you put me in fear of my life. I'm doing what I must to keep myself safe.
[20:00:29] * Isabella Harris nods as she listens
[20:00:35] * Martin Thoresen extends out his right hand, accepting the firm shake.
[20:00:38] * Jennifer Falcon kept hold of Bianco's bicep.
[20:00:40] Martin Thoresen says [low]: I'm Martin.
[20:00:54] Theodore Powell says: I have what you said on film, actually. And I'll be sending a copy of it to the arresting officer.
[20:01:00] Cedric Nativel says: Alright, Martin.
[20:01:11] * Isabella Harris raises her eyebrows
[20:01:16] * Harlow Madden shakes her head at the situation.
[20:01:22] * Tyler Monroe grabs Diamond's hand and holds it tight.
[20:01:22] Rosie Wilkinson says: Yuhuh.
[20:01:24] * Olivia Ross steps in between Theodore and Julian.
[20:01:26] Martin Thoresen says: IF I could do anything to let him off from the cuffs, I would do it.
[20:01:28] Diamond Rae says: You have a lot on camera. You are running around campus trespassing taking photos of us.
[20:01:31] Jennifer Falcon says: 'Ey- Nativel? How far out is Lincoln fifteen?
[20:01:32] Diamond Rae says: That should be on your camera too.
[20:01:34] Olivia Ross says: Let's not escalate this further, boys.
[20:01:41] Cedric Nativel says: No idea... uhm, let me ask.
[20:01:47] Claire Weiss says: Well sir.
[20:01:51] Jennifer Falcon says: please.
[20:01:53] Diamond Rae says: Super creepy Ted bundy type.
[20:01:54] Theodore Powell says: Do the students have any evidence of this? Because I have twenty-five minutes worth of video.
[20:02:01] * Nope, never. ((Theodore Powell))*
[20:02:19] Ryan King says [low]: What a shit show.
[20:02:21] Claire Weiss says: Like I said. The best course of action is to formally trespass him so he cannot enter campus property.
[20:02:25] * Jennifer Falcon pulled Bianco along.
[20:02:29] Jennifer Falcon says: We're takin' a walk over here, pal.
[20:02:31] * Isabella Harris nods in agreement
[20:02:34] Claire Weiss says: Then, if he does in the future /enter/ campus property, he can be charged with trespass.
[20:02:48] Jennifer Falcon shouts: Yo!
[20:02:52] Martin Thoresen says: That's it. We're blacklisting him from the campus.
[20:03:01] Theodore Powell says: OK, sir. Feel free to.
[20:03:07] Theodore Powell says: Quite the crowd.
[20:03:12] * Theodore Powell films the congregation.
[20:03:13] Tyler Monroe says: Bro, you still filming me?
[20:03:16] Theodore Powell says: I am.
[20:03:22] * So Theo didn't pass this line that Jimmy is standing on? ((Jimmy O'Dwyer))*
[20:03:24] * Tyler Monroe walks towards Theodore, placing his palm on the phone's camera.
[20:03:26] Diamond Rae says: Bae chill. He got a hard on for attention.
[20:03:26] Ryan King says: Against my permission?
[20:03:27] * He did not. ((Theodore Powell))*
[20:03:29] Claire Weiss says: Sir.
[20:03:30] Martin Thoresen says: Officer.
[20:03:30] Theodore Powell shouts: HEY!
[20:03:31] Tyler Monroe says: Bro, stop filming me.
[20:03:31] * Thank you. ((Jimmy O'Dwyer))*
[20:03:32] Claire Weiss says: Don't touch his property.
[20:03:35] Claire Weiss says: You can't do that.
[20:03:38] Claire Weiss says: Again, people, please.
[20:03:39] Tyler Monroe says: Why is he filming me?
[20:03:41] Theodore Powell says: You CAN'T touch me like that.
[20:03:43] Ryan King says: So he can film us without permission?
[20:03:45] Theodore Powell says: Do you want to go away in cuffs, too?
[20:03:46] Claire Weiss says: If he's in a /public area/ he's /legally allowed/ to do that.
[20:03:48] Tyler Monroe says: I didn't touch you.
[20:03:48] Theodore Powell says: Are you serious?
[20:03:51] Tyler Monroe says: I touch your phone.
[20:03:53] * The whole sidewalk surrounding the uni is campus property, js. ((Isabella Harris))*
[20:03:53] Theodore Powell says: I have it on film. Are you joking?
[20:03:55] Claire Weiss says: It's a first amendment protected activity.
[20:04:03] Ryan King says: Bruh?
[20:04:04] Claire Weiss says: You can't walk up and violate his space and touch his person or property like that, sir.
[20:04:06] Claire Weiss says: It's not allowed.
[20:04:06] Theodore Powell says: You need to /back off/.
[20:04:06] Sidney Moulton shouts: You're on private property, retard.
[20:04:08] * Tyler Monroe shows his middle finger to his camera.
[20:04:13] Ryan King says: BRO?!
[20:04:14] Claire Weiss says: The sidewalk is not private property.
[20:04:16] Tyler Monroe says: Fuck you, creepy.
[20:04:17] Sidney Moulton says: Yes it is.
[20:04:20] Ryan King says: He's violating my privacy.
[20:04:21] Sidney Moulton says: Go look at a map dog.
[20:04:21] Claire Weiss says: No, it's not.
[20:04:22] Harlow Madden says: But he can film us without fuckin' permission? A bit one sided isn't that?
[20:04:24] Sidney Moulton says: Yes it is.
[20:04:30] Theodore Powell says: Where'd you study law?
[20:04:32] Theodore Powell says: Reddit?
[20:04:34] Sidney Moulton says: Here? retard?
[20:04:36] Ryan King says: Do your FUCKING job.
[20:04:40] Theodore Powell says: Ah, just as good as Reddit, then.
[20:04:40] Martin Thoresen says: Ced'.
[20:04:41] Tyler Monroe says: What an idiot.
[20:04:44] Diamond Rae says: Yea, recording college girls all day. Who knows what he is doing with those photos.
[20:04:46] Cedric Nativel says: Hm..?
[20:04:51] Ryan King says: Hm??
[20:04:51] Martin Thoresen says [low]: Can I request him to not film our students?
[20:04:53] Claire Weiss says: Even if it were private property the sidewalk is clearly an easement through which the public can move along the side of the road.
[20:04:53] Ryan King says: What hm?
[20:05:06] Sidney Moulton says: It's not an easement because the university /has/ trespassed people on this sidewalk.
[20:05:07] Cedric Nativel says [low]: You can ask him... but there is nothing I can do about it if he stands on public property.
[20:05:09] Theodore Powell says: It's really unfortunate that I can't even take a video of these buildings' amazing architecture without having my rights infringed.
[20:05:10] Sidney Moulton says: It's college grounds as dictated by law.
[20:05:16] Diamond Rae says: ..anyway, I guess anything for the gram.
[20:05:17] Theodore Powell says: And what law is that?
[20:05:21] Martin Thoresen says: Guys.
[20:05:22] Sidney Moulton says: Property Laws?
[20:05:22] Theodore Powell says: Do you have something to cite?
[20:05:24] Martin Thoresen says: Everyone.
[20:05:24] Sidney Moulton says: You're dumb.
[20:05:27] Claire Weiss says [low]: Look, guys.
[20:05:28] Theodore Powell says: Property laws? Interesting.
[20:05:28] Cedric Nativel says [low]: Jimmy... we talked about this... we need someone to work on that.
[20:05:29] Ryan King says: Y'all suck at your job, you know that?
[20:05:31] Alyssa McCarthy says: Oh lord, who needs a lawyerr this time?
[20:05:34] * Jimmy O'Dwyer nods to Cedric.
[20:05:39] Theodore Powell says: Is there a city charter you can point me to?
[20:05:39] Claire Weiss says [low]: This would be easier for everyone if you just ignored the dude, the students got back to their business.
[20:05:39] * Alyssa McCarthy rolls her eyes.
[20:05:41] Martin Thoresen says: I suggest we spread up. You're literally giving him fuel to keep doing this stuff.
[20:05:42] Tyler Monroe says: I don't like to get filmed by a nerd head.
[20:05:44] Claire Weiss says [low]: And everyone just left this guy alone.
[20:05:48] Sidney Moulton says: Which one do you want? Castle Law?
[20:05:51] Claire Weiss says [low]: He'd probably leave by himself.
[20:06:02] Claire Weiss says [low]: The best thing we can do here is de-escalate.
[20:06:05] Sidney Moulton says: Or do you want me to show you the right to privacy in an educational establishment?
[20:06:07] Sidney Moulton says: Come on man.
[20:06:08] Claire Weiss says [low]: And the best way to do that is to ignore the guy.
[20:06:09] * Cedric Nativel nods in approval to Weiss' words.
[20:06:15] Theodore Powell says: Oh, no, man... Have you heard of this thing..
[20:06:16] Sidney Moulton says: You're not smart enough for me, get real. 
[20:06:16] Alyssa McCarthy says [low]: Like, what's goin' on?
[20:06:17] Theodore Powell says: Called..
[20:06:18] Claire Weiss says [low]: Yeah but again, he can do that from the sidewalk.
[20:06:20] Theodore Powell says: The U.S Constitution?
[20:06:22] Sidney Moulton says: The first amendment?
[20:06:23] Theodore Powell says: It's brand new.
[20:06:25] Sidney Moulton says: Yeah doesn't fall here.
[20:06:28] Claire Weiss says [low]: I know it's not personally pleasant, and I understand.
[20:06:30] Sidney Moulton says: Sorry.
[20:06:33] * Theodore Powell laughs, loudly, obnoxiously.
[20:06:36] Theodore Powell says: ULSA Lawyer, everyone!!
[20:06:37] Claire Weiss says [low]: But it's not a question of comfort, it's just the law.
[20:06:43] * Sidney Moulton snorts.
[20:06:43] Theodore Powell says: Get a look at that.
[20:06:45] Ryan King says: To think how much money they are getting for being useless, sheeesh.
[20:06:49] Cedric Nativel says [low]: Please. It's for the best.
[20:06:51] * Tyler Monroe grabs her hand and leads the way.
[20:06:54] Claire Weiss says [low]: If everyone ignores him, he'd soon go about his business and probably leave.
[20:07:02] Claire Weiss says [low]: But by giving the issue attention he continues to stay.
[20:07:12] Sidney Moulton says: "I am the weapon". Incel.
[20:07:14] Tyler Monroe says: Guys, let's just leave.
[20:07:15] Alyssa McCarthy says: Are you the reporter ah spoke to the other day?
[20:07:18] * Alyssa McCarthy asks Theodore.
[20:07:21] * Isabella Harris grips Ryan's hand
[20:07:22] Diamond Rae says: Okay.
[20:07:22] * Harlow Madden rolls her eyes and walks away, annoyed as hell their PRIVACY can be infringed on.
[20:07:23] Sidney Moulton says: Guy is weaponized autism at its finest.
[20:07:24] * Charlotte Dunois covers her face from the camera.
[20:07:24] Theodore Powell says: Independent journalist, yes.
[20:07:31] Alyssa McCarthy says: How can ah help ya?
[20:07:34] * Ryan King looks down on his hand, then towards Isabella.
[20:07:36] * Alyssa McCarthy smiles to Theodore.
[20:07:43] * Isabella Harris nods
[20:07:43] Claire Weiss says [low]: Who?
[20:07:51] Theodore Powell says: I was just here to take some video of the buildings, but, sadly, the guards aren't so... Ah, well... /smart/.
[20:07:53] Cedric Nativel says [low]: Uhm, I think Bianco is getting arrested.
[20:07:59] Claire Weiss says [low]: Oh. I don't know about that, sir, Falcon does.
[20:07:59] Ryan King says: Either are you.
[20:08:04] Ryan King says: Let's go, Bella.
[20:08:04] Claire Weiss says [low]: You'd have to ask them.
[20:08:12] * Isabella Harris nods, walking with Rya
[20:08:19] Theodore Powell says: Can I get your badge number, officer?
[20:08:20] * Sidney Moulton sniffs and patiently waits. His hands flowing to his pockets.
[20:08:26] Ryan King shouts: Don't let me find pictures of anyone on the internet homie.
[20:08:28] Alyssa McCarthy says: You took some video's of the buildings last week, right?
[20:08:29] Olivia Ross says: Four-three-seven-four-eight.
[20:08:32] Theodore Powell says: Great.
[20:08:34] * Olivia Ross crosses her arms.
[20:08:40] Claire Weiss says: I'll go see what's goin' on down there.
[20:08:51] * Sidney Moulton sniffs and flanks Theodore quietly.
[20:08:56] Charlotte Dunois says: Stop him..
[20:09:00] Jennifer Falcon says: From..?
[20:09:00] * Charlotte Dunois points to the driver
[20:09:03] Claire Weiss says: How we lookin' Falcon?
[20:09:06] Charlotte Dunois says: Doing that—
[20:09:10] * Jennifer Falcon looked over her shoulder to Weiss.
[20:09:21] Jennifer Falcon says: Mendez is bringin' him out east to Twin.
[20:09:29] Jennifer Falcon says: I'll handle all his paperwork when we're done here.
[20:09:32] Charlotte Dunois says: Alright so obviously I need to know why he was just taken to.. "twin"
[20:09:38] Theodore Powell says: He assaulted me, ma'am.
[20:09:43] Jennifer Falcon says: And— no. I really can't do a tone about that. He's bein—
[20:09:45] Sidney Moulton says: He ain't the only one that's gonna either.
[20:09:47] Charlotte Dunois says: I am not talking too you young man
[20:09:48] Jennifer Falcon says: That. He's bein' charged with assault.
[20:09:49] * Sidney Moulton stares at Theodore.
[20:09:53] Alyssa McCarthy says: Dude, you're just trollin' at this point.
[20:09:55] Olivia Ross says: Dude, come with me.
[20:09:56] * Charlotte Dunois gestures Theodore to zip it
[20:09:56] * Theodore Powell looks down at himself when he's referred to as "young man".
[20:09:59] Sidney Moulton says: You guys should probably remove him for his safety.
[20:10:03] * Olivia Ross gestures Theodore to follow her.
[20:10:07] Theodore Powell says: What for, officer?
[20:10:09] * Sidney Moulton begins to clench his right hand.
[20:10:16] Charlotte Dunois says [low]: Assault.. okay what or who did he assault?
[20:10:17] * Alyssa McCarthy places her hand on Sidney's shoulder.
[20:10:22] Olivia Ross says: Just come with me, that's all.
[20:10:22] Alyssa McCarthy says [low]: Let it go Sid, the guys baitin'.
[20:10:29] Theodore Powell says: I'm going to be refusing, officer.
[20:10:30] Sidney Moulton says [low]: He's going to get slumped in a second.
[20:10:35] Theodore Powell says: Am I being detained?
[20:10:35] Olivia Ross says: Is that so?
[20:10:42] Theodore Powell says: Are you detaining me, officer?
[20:10:43] Jennifer Falcon says [low]: He made a threat to— the fella' with the camera.
[20:11:12] Charlotte Dunois says [low]: Alright— this doesn't look that good, sadly as you can see.. that young man is a bit of a character.
[20:11:21] Alyssa McCarthy says: Officer, if Sidney gives him a huge wedgey are you gonna get mad an' arrest Sidney?
[20:11:30] Jennifer Falcon says [low]: It's... unfortunate. Sure.
[20:11:36] Alyssa McCarthy says: Or can he do it because it is what will make everyone here feel better.
[20:11:44] Charlotte Dunois says [low]: Since Bianco is a Student.. is it possible you can leave it up to me?
[20:11:47] * Damien Sharpe looks over to Sidney and smirks for a moment before refocusing his attention back to Theodore.
[20:11:54] Theodore Powell says: I'll take that as a no.
[20:11:55] Charlotte Dunois says [low]: Or my office perhaps.
[20:11:58] Jennifer Falcon says [low]: The arrest? Unfortunately not.
[20:12:00] * Sidney Moulton is clearly showing some aggressive body language towards Theodore.
[20:12:08] Jennifer Falcon says [low]: Fella' over here's pressin' charges, so... I've gotta act on that.
[20:12:12] * Theodore Powell seems incredibly unlikable.
[20:12:21] Martin Thoresen says [low]: Hey.
[20:12:24] Theodore Powell says: Woah.
[20:12:36] Martin Thoresen says [low]: Can I request you both to enter the campus, and leave him alone? He'll be gone later.
[20:12:38] Charlotte Dunois says [low]: Okay— what his reason for being on campus property?
[20:12:47] Martin Thoresen says: Man what the fuck...
[20:12:54] * Harlow Madden glances over at Sidney.
[20:12:56] Jennifer Falcon says [low]: The uh— the sidewalk /is/ publicly accessible.
[20:13:05] * Nicholas Lombana drops the rear of the truck.
[20:13:05] Jennifer Falcon says [low]: If the campus was gated off, it'd be a different story.
[20:13:06] Alyssa McCarthy says: Sid, you wanna get a bite to eat?
[20:13:10] Sidney Moulton says: Yeah kind of.
[20:13:23] Martin Thoresen says: He's an attention seeker, guys.
[20:13:27] Alyssa McCarthy says: Come on, he's just got first amendment rights, no need to get upset over his right to use a camera.
[20:13:35] Nicholas Lombana shouts: What's up yo!
[20:13:43] Martin Thoresen says: If y'all can enter the campus, where he NOW is not allowed to enter, he can't do this anymore.
[20:13:50] Charlotte Dunois says [low]: Right— I am aware of that, but this sidewalk and the entire that surrounds the campus— falls under our facility policy.
[20:14:02] Jennifer Falcon says [low]: — Right, but still. It's publicly accessible.
[20:14:05] Claire Weiss says: Falcon, we good here?
[20:14:07] Nicholas Lombana shouts: If you got the hunger, I've got the fix! Come get taco bombed people, feel the flavor EXPLOSION!
[20:14:11] * Jennifer Falcon upped her chin in Weiss' direction.
[20:14:14] Jennifer Falcon says: Yeah. I've got it from here.
[20:14:19] Claire Weiss says: Great.
[20:14:26] Charlotte Dunois says [low]: It is public property— until you become a distraction and or make students, faculty you name it uncomfortable.
[20:14:29] Claire Weiss says: Sharpe, good to go.
[20:14:30] Alyssa McCarthy says: Security, you guys want taco's, my shout?
[20:14:33] Claire Weiss says: Same for you Ross.
[20:14:34] Damien Sharpe says: Appreciate it LT.
[20:14:34] Claire Weiss says: We're out.
[20:14:35] Martin Thoresen says: I'll pass.
[20:14:37] Olivia Ross says: Alright.
[20:14:43] * Alyssa McCarthy nods.
[20:14:44] Claire Weiss says: Time to finally go, Nativel.
[20:14:46] Alyssa McCarthy says: Easy round!
[20:14:46] Cedric Nativel says: Interesting cosplay.
[20:14:46] Claire Weiss says: Phew.
[20:14:47] Charlotte Dunois says [low]: He has the right to film.. on the other side of the street.
[20:14:47] Cedric Nativel says: Yep.
[20:14:53] Claire Weiss says: It's a taco mascot.
[20:14:53] Alyssa McCarthy says: Cedric, Jenn, you want Taco's?
[20:14:57] * Sidney Moulton sniffs and quietly watches the police leave.
[20:15:00] Cedric Nativel says: No but thanks! Alyssa!
[20:15:00] Jennifer Falcon says [low]: Well— again. Unfortunately, makin' people uncomfortable doesn't really get in the way of the first amendment.
[20:15:11] Alyssa McCarthy says: Hey Taco man!
[20:15:20] Sidney Moulton says: Yeah it's cool.
[20:15:25] Jennifer Falcon says [low]: There really ain't a ton I can do about it.
[20:15:27] Nicholas Lombana says: What's uuuup!
[20:15:27] * Sidney Moulton darts his eyes from the police to Theodore's skull.
[20:15:33] Alyssa McCarthy says: How ya doin'?
[20:15:34] Nicholas Lombana says: Oh hey, I totally remember you.
[20:15:38] Nicholas Lombana says: Alyssa right?
[20:15:44] Alyssa McCarthy says: Wait, we've met?
[20:15:51] Alyssa McCarthy says: Shit, gimme a clue who ya are!
[20:15:53] Charlotte Dunois says [low]: Fair enough— can you send a copy of the arrest report to me then so I can file it with my Office.
[20:16:02] Nicholas Lombana says: F'real! I used to be in the Rangers waaay back.
[20:16:11] Jennifer Falcon says [low]: — I'll email an incident report to your office. Sure.
[20:16:21] Nicholas Lombana says: Yeah—yeah, that's what's up 'Lyss.
[20:16:22] Nicholas Lombana says: Hit that shit.
[20:16:23] Charlotte Dunois says [low]: Alright.
[20:16:24] Claire Weiss says: So basically, Nativel.
[20:16:24] Alyssa McCarthy says: Well, maybe when ah got put in jail when they showed me around?
[20:16:27] * Jennifer Falcon shoved her hands into her pockets.
[20:16:28] Claire Weiss says: Stuff like this is complicated.
[20:16:31] Jennifer Falcon says: 'Scuse me.
[20:16:31] Claire Weiss says: Because like, basically.
[20:16:33] * Sidney Moulton steps infront of Theodore's camera.
[20:16:34] Theodore Powell says: Hello, Sergeant Falcon.
[20:16:36] * Sidney Moulton peers at it.
[20:16:39] Nicholas Lombana says: I was like, the fuck-up Ranger.
[20:16:39] Alyssa McCarthy says: Can ah get a taco?
[20:16:40] * Jennifer Falcon released a huff from her nose.
[20:16:41] Claire Weiss says: What you'll find is a lot of people don't /really/ understand the First Amendment.
[20:16:42] Jennifer Falcon says: ... Yes?
[20:16:43] Theodore Powell says: Do you need a copy of my footage or a statement?
[20:16:45] * Cedric Nativel leans back, quietly listening with a small head movement.
[20:16:45] Nicholas Lombana says: They kept tellin' me to go inside pffft.
[20:16:48] Alyssa McCarthy says: Now ya the cool Taco!
[20:16:55] Claire Weiss says: And you have to try and reconcile the lack of understanding with the actual law.
[20:16:57] Jennifer Falcon says: — Yes. I'll need that.
[20:16:58] Nicholas Lombana says: Word, you know it. Hell yeah girl I can cop you.
[20:17:01] Claire Weiss says: So that noone's constitutional rights're violated.
[20:17:07] Nicholas Lombana says: Let's do it, whatcha want?
[20:17:18] Theodore Powell says: One or both?
[20:17:20] Jennifer Falcon says: So— if y'wanna step this way, we can handle that.
[20:17:22] Theodore Powell says: Sure.
[20:17:27] Jennifer Falcon says: Just the footage'll do. Unless y'wanna give both,.
[20:17:30] Alyssa McCarthy says: Ah want a Taco./
[20:17:31] * Madeline Iovino raises an eyebrow, looking ahead. She stays quiet for a moment while she hones in on the conversation going on.
[20:17:59] * Theodore Powell lowers his phone. It stays recording.
[20:18:21] * Jennifer Falcon reached into the SUV, and removed the laptop from its mount.
[20:18:35] * Jennifer Falcon balanced the device on her arm, and stared at the screen. She typed with one hand.
[20:18:55] Jennifer Falcon says: M'kay. So are ya' providing a statement, or just the footage?
[20:18:57] Jennifer Falcon says: Mister...
[20:19:05] * Jennifer Falcon left the statement for Theodore to fill in the blank.
[20:19:31] Theodore Powell says: Well, I can give both, if that'll help.
[20:19:35] Jennifer Falcon says: — Sure.
[20:19:45] Jennifer Falcon says: Let's start with the footage then. Easiest one.
[20:19:51] * Jennifer Falcon's freckeld features remained neutral throughout.
[20:19:54] Theodore Powell says: OK, lemme just- start and stop.
[20:19:58] Jennifer Falcon says: Mhm.
[20:20:01] * Theodore Powell stops the recording.


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