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Osaka Sunrise - Liquor Import Store

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What is Osaka Sunrise?

Osaka Sunrise is a company based in Honolulu, Hawaii, founded all the way back in 1996.
The company specializes in importation of drinks originating in East Asia, as well as further distribution of said drinks into mainland USA, including state of San Andreas.

Why pick Osaka Sunrise

Osaka Sunrise is currently only company based and operating within state of San Andreas which offers wholesales of authentic alcoholic beverages from East Asia in San Andreas.

Our menu


Sapporo Imported - 650ml 5% ALC./ VOL. Japanese Beer

50$ per can.


Tsingtao Imported - 500ml  5% ALC./ VOL. Cantonese Beer

50$ per can.



Hite Imported - 500ml  4.6% ALC./ VOL. Korean Beer

50$ per can.


Jinro Chamisul Soju Imported - 375ml 20% ALC./ VOL. Korean Spirit

120$ per bottle. Available in different flavors.


Shirayuki Aosae Junmai Imported - 300ml 15.5% ALC./ VOL. Japanese Spirit

120$ per bottle. Available in different flavors.


Kweichow Moutai Baijiu Imported - 375ml 53% ALC./ VOL. Cantonese Spirit

120$ per bottle.


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How to order?

If you would like to make an order from Osaka Sunrise feel free to message us on our business e-mail: [email protected] using the following format:
Business name:
Your name:
Phone number:
Type and amount of liquor you wish to order:

Your e-mail ((discord#)):


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