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Paleto Bay Radio

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96.9 FM ((/setstation 128)) | Listen Online



Paleto Bay Radio (FM Frequency 96.9, FCC identifier KPBR) is a FCC licensed low power FM radio station based in Paleto Bay, San Andreas, founded in the late 1990s by Tyler Boyce, who operates the company to this day. PBR remains one of the few radio stations in San Andreas that hasn't been absorbed by a larger corporation; remaining fiercely independent at the cost of ad revenues and sponsorships. PBR strives to retain a community connection and markets itself as Paleto Bay's Radio Station.


While the station's advertising doesn't focus on genre, PBR typically focuses on an mix of indie, punk, and folk music in a departure from country music stations popular for the region. Most attribute this to the cultural distinction of Paleto Bay from the rest of northern Los Santos County - primarily Grapeseed and Sandy Shores, as Paleto Bay more closely represents the Pacific Northwest of the United States than the inner desert settlements of San Andreas. Specific DJ's, all volunteers except Boyce himself, occasionally 'take over' the station for their specific choice  of music.


As PBR is licensed as a low power FM transmitter, reach can be limited particularly as the imposing Mt. Chiliad blocks PBR's main transmitter from the rest of Los Santos County. Most will rate the signal as fantastic in Paleto Bay itself, as well as up Mt. Chiliad. The station remains tolerable down through Sandy Shores, but many without more advanced listening equipment will notice the signal rapidly deteriorates by the Chumash area. The frequency is all static by Los Santos city limits, except for those with advanced equipment or those lucky enough to catch the signal on some cloudy nights where the range is extended by the climate.


Placing a transmitter on top of Mt. Chilliad was long discussed, which would effectively give the station reach into Los Santos proper, but the mountain being declared a state park all but made these efforts impractical. Obviously people electing to stream online can listen globally.



Paleto Bay Radio as an independent radio staton relies on donations and advertisers to stay on-air. Donations are welcome to be wired to Tyler Boyce, and can include a request to be read on-air during the next live broadcast. Advertisers can pay for advertising on-air at the following rates:


  • $2,500/week for a 15 second advertisement slot
  • $5,000/week for a 30 second advertisement slot

Advertisements will be played at least once every 2 hours for the duration of the agreement.


Interesting advertisers can email [email protected] for advertising information. At this time it is the responsibility of the advertiser alone to generate the audio advertisement (.mp3 file preferred) that is to be played on air. Advertisements must meet FCC content rules on profanity and decency.

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I am a full time long-distance hauler. I live on the road and I surely make a living out of it! It is not an easy job to steer wheels all day long with your whole attention being spot on. However, ever since I was introduced to your station, it got hella easier! Just turning the radio on your frequency lifts up my soul from behind the wheel and all the way up to the clouds! As a way of paying back for your station, I have started running a daily chore of deliveries to and from Paleto Bay in hopes that it may lend a helping hand to the community there to thrive.

You keep up the great work! Much appreciated!

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