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what is illegal rp missing?


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1 hour ago, Smith said:



Every faction is a washed down version of a group that's been done infinitely better either on this server or another.

There is this thing called server lore. Might wanna do some research on it bud.

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Healthy rivalry where ending someone's life should be off the table until it escalates realistically, sit downs between enemies should be frequent instead of rare, use your fists and baseball bats more often than your guns, if you want to use your gun at least use it as a deterrent and not to create some scene from Rambo. 

Vandalize their properties, places of business, hurt a friend or two. If two shady characters got something to lose they won't shoot first and talk second, they'll talk first because if one dies the probability of them having associates or friends that may hurt you or your loved ones or your business is high, a bullet ends everything in a quick shootout, a punch to the face will lead to a long chain of events that'll bring fun to both sides.

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Original, creative and unique schemes, gigs and ways to provide RP and earn cash. The script truly provides.


A lot of people come in with basic characters and are only interested in getting involved in the drug/gun trade ASAP.

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