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what is illegal rp missing?


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43 minutes ago, Seanny said:

Less shooting overall and more long term RP would be nice. It's annoying for PD/SD to show up to a body & casings scene which is pretty much a dead end.


An example of long term rp:

  • Arson against your rival's properties
  • Kidnapping your rival's friends or family as leverage against them
  • Giving your rival false intelligence which leads to them botching a robbery
  • Good old fashion brawls
  • Holding up their businesses

Basically, killing should be a last resort but from my perspective as both PD and an admin, it's often a 1st resort with people often claiming PK war as an excuse to DM (trust me, that's the quickest way to get ajailed/banned).


These people think killing is the only and first resort. There needs to be more RPQM against people who are repeatedly murdering and turning their character into war machines. Jail time isn't enough incentive in my opinion as players can rinse and repeat a bit too easily. But I agree with everything Seanny said. My friends quit detective for this distinct reason. It's a non stop repetitive cycle. We had a good thread about it a few days ago and many of the PD/SD voices their stress when asked why people are not acknowledging dead bodies. Maybe a counter on a UCP level how many "conflicts" someone has had ie times they killed someone, times they hit someone, times they fired weapon. Something RPQM could keep an eye on.

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On 10/7/2021 at 3:49 PM, sCrax said:

I bet that there would be a lot more people willing to snitch if they were actually offered some kind of deal in exchange in the first place.

Not to mention interrogations, I was told after an arrest that I'd be interrogated where I was prepared to give up a lot of info.


Never happened lmao, was processed and then they just forgot all about it.

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