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what is illegal rp missing?


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Okay since everyone loves to call out certain stuff that illegal/gang rp do (which is understandable, some of the shit is stupid) on GTA:W, and calling out the many flaws within some of the people's roleplay, I'd like to hear from both civlian roleplayers, law enforcement officers, gang rpers, organized crime rpers, mob rpers, the whole nine yards what illegal roleplaying is missing and what can make it better.


let's keep the discussion civil and peaceful, I'm hoping that in a pretty perfect world that this discussion can open the eyes of many illegal and legal rpers and they can SOME OF THEM (the intelligent ones) can work on what is missing and make roleplaying around GTA:W more fair and a better place in general.


In my honest opinion, I think that illegal roleplay is missing long-lasting factions that last longer then three months, and I believe they are also missing the legal side and roleplaying a realistic character that isn't just always doing drug deals or hanging out with fellow gangmembers.


This is not a thread to shit on illegal roleplay, its a thread where you can offer some advice and tips, and give illegal rpers some things that might be missing in their roleplay.

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Overall, I'd say that people should focus more on character development beyond drug sales and crime. Live life by the day, not by the crime.

EDIT: On top of that, there's no need to rush everything. You don't need to fulfill any of your "desires" in the first week or first month of your character's development. Make room for passive RP in-between every thing. Space it out.

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What gang RP is missing? Where should I start huh? 

Roleplaying in a street gang isn't the same thing that it used to be back in the days, I don't know what happened but something changed the street gang roleplay dramatically. Right now roleplaying in a gang is all based around making money which is buying/selling product in hopes you don't get caught by the police. For example we got a "violent street gang" thread and it describes how the faction is going to realistically portray a street gang which is involved in armed robberies, extortions, drug/guns trafficking, kidnapping etc etc... And then all you can see on the thread is a bunch of guys selling drugs to other people.

If you're roleplaying in a street gang then go all in with it, its not all about selling product and making money for your character to get out of the "hood" and buy nice cars and houses lol. If you're a member of a street gang be sure to portray it how you're supposed to do. You have a thousand things to do as a street gang member besides selling product, fun RP as well which will develop your character through all the different stuff you'll be going through. Personally when I was roleplaying in a street gang I didn't even focus that much on selling stuff, I was out there tagging up random buildings, getting the name out there, bullying people who would just walk through your turf because that's what you're supposed to do. You can't let a stranger walk through your territory without you checking up on him to see what's he about. If you don't have nothing better to do then just do passive RP, chill around with the homeboys, just talk and eventually the RP will come to you, you don't need to create everything. Various people will walk up to you creating some kind of RP, make the best of it. For a street gang to be "successful" it needs some guys who know and understand the thing that I'm saying, who actually know how to portray a realistic gang member.

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More (passive) roleplay. Looking back at the past months, I feel there are a lot of gangs being created for the sole purpose of (soft) DM. They pop out of nowhere one day, catch as much heat as possible in their "turf" to then close down after two weeks of constant shootings left and right. Hillside did a good job here on creating meaningful interactions with other entities such as the LSPD Gang Unit at the time and kept most of the heat away from where they live.

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Above average roleplayers tend create their factions to deathmatch as a lot of them are burnt out and don't really care about roleplay itself anymore, and the ones with more patience that create factions with long term plans tend to be inexperienced and have a subpar quality of roleplay. 


Even so, I see plenty of good illegal factions out there. Hate Valley Hardcore, Vagos MC, Los Desalmados, West Coast Delegatsiya, Martorano and a few other unofficial groups clearly have plenty of good, experienced roleplayers that are able to portray what they are intending to. Maybe a well-known "official system" that we have seen for years in another roleplay community could be the perfect way for the faction team to finally set a standard and show the community the level of roleplay that they expect to see from newer factions that aim to achieve some actual relevance. 

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In my experience, I've come across more valid illegal roleplayers than legal roleplayers so my suggestion is a general one: we all need to take the time to properly develop our characters 😭 Overall, there don't appear to be enough players on the server that see the value in doing this.


I agree with some of the comments here saying that there needs to be more passive rp or that people need to stop waiting to be spoon-fed RP, but these issues wouldn't exist if people took the time to properly develop layered characters that didn't simply exist for one sole purpose (i.e., gangbanging, clubbing, grinding, boosting).


Developing layered characters doesn't just create more opportunities in RP for the character but it also generates RP for others, too. 

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Long lasting factions are what we need indeed, plus more people interested in roleplaying troops, rather than shotcallers. Also more passive rp. I know, that it's not as eventful as daily shootouts, brawls and robberies. But gangsters prefer more quiet lifestyle, who wouldn't right? 🙂 Also we are not in 90s anymore. World changed, things that worked before are obsolete now.

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Just now, Engelbert said:

 But gangsters prefer mroe quiet lifestyle, who wouldn't right? 🙂 Also we are not in 90s anymore. World changed, things that worked before are obsolete now.

Agreed. There are people on gtaw who still RP colorbanging or Caporegime Antonio Pepperoni from Sicily. The list goes on

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