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why does the city feel dead?


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10 minutes ago, Tickle said:

A process to give those who want to run niche business that don't exist and for people who will be hyper active in their business should be given priority instead of just a 'pick a number' system.

Nah, please write this 58585848888584858588 paragraph long document explaining what colour you're gonna use for one of the walls. In about 50 years you'll recieve a result. 

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@orca112and @Ticklehave provided the reasoning that best relates to my own experiences on this server.

From the perspective of someone who's been IC & OOC involved with the Los Santos nightlife for the past seven months; the city's became significantly violent. I found that the violent crime at bars and nightclubs was demotivating, and this was due to the immersion-breaking element. There were times where beatings, stabbings and shootings happened every single time my character showed up for work. Additionally, me and some others were Deathmatched a couple times for refusing people's entry into a nightclub.

People don't want to log in and play, only to get roped into shitty roleplay or be on the receiving end of rule breaking. On another note, GTA World has opened Russian and French servers lately. I'm guessing a chunk of foreign players have gone over to those servers, which has somewhat decreased the playerbase here. Resultantly, the city will look more dead because there's now less players. 

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ironically? the fact the map is based on Los Angeles



infrastructure is geared toward cars, hard to walk anywhere, no natural communities besides a few hot spots because the only way to get anywhere is by driving, so you don’t encourage walking around, which means people don’t interact with others as frequently 


or it could be crime but tbh getting mugged while crossing the street means the city is technically very active


also being mugged is fun so


tl;dr shitty American urban planning

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The Cannonball Raceway took around 4 months from when the request was made to when we opened our doors for the first time. I assume people just become burned out when coming up with unique ideas for the server and give up halfway through, or just don't even try to begin with because they know what a long process it'll be.

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it feels dead because as soon as you step outside you feel like you're being circled by sharks that have tasted blood in the water. i know illegal rpers are gonna harp on and go "I'VE NEVER EXPERIENCED THE ROBBERY META" but for some of us, it's all we experience all day every day, especially in the early hours but not limited to that. you might say it's a minority of the illegal community, and it surely is, but it is possible for 2 guys to ruin 40 people's experiences and jade them against going outside if they keep at it long enough and conduct rp that is just above the line to be unreportable for poor quality. i have had maybe one good robbery encounter in the 20+ i've encountered, and that was some peckerwood guy chatting to me, then luring me into a parking lot to sell me drugs and then using an uno reverse - he didn't even drive up and "ayo cuh" or "hey" spam me, which is a large majority of what i have experienced. i'm bitter and jaded to the point where i have lost interest in playing, and i know many of my friends feel the same way. i owned a business for 6 months but grew so tired of people walking in, holding me or  my employees at gunpoint, kidnapping us or attempting to extort us i sit here and think "what's the point?" with every person that quits or stops going outside because of rampant, unregulated crime of extremely poor quality, the pool of potential victims for crime shrinks, to the point where the only people bold enough to continue to venture outside are repeatedly subjected to every single crime attempt because there is nobody else and the problem only worsens and the speed at which people reach the stage i'm at increases monumentally. it's a snowball effect. all you're left with in the end is the illegal rpers who own businesses because everybody else has long since resigned. again, i fully blame IFM and their ruling decision for this - crime occured before their ruling and criminals who have half a braincell never had issues operating to begin with, and i can say that with experience bc i played a criminal back then. if i wanna do something normal like take a midday walk to my friend's apartment it's a 50/50 on whether i'll be abducted by a rental car. so the natural progression is that if i dont want to be kidnapped, drive! and boom. i drive there in seconds, enter the interior and disappear until i log off. that's why the server feels empty.

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6 hours ago, ZaE said:

i hear u niggas talking about this crime wave so much but ive neve rbeen robbed a day in my life unless i provoked said people first

Go to Vespucci/Vespucci Beach, park your car in front of the beach and will be gone in five minutes, or also 4 unmasked "crazy teenager gangbangers" will make you a visit while you sunbathe with your friends, oh yeah, go for a walk around Richman and get robbed and murdered by the same chainrobbers in their black buffalo, all this without them being provoked.


And robberies is one of the reason, the other reason is everyone and their mothers are rp/erping in interiors, I'd blow my head off before RPng in an interior.

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There's not many unique businesses out there that would attract people in unfortunately. Mainly there's only clubs and bars open so people can grind their way up to a Pariah with great character development because why not. Things get too repetitive so people naturally lose interest. Roleplaying on the streets with your friends just sadly makes you a target for illegal roleplays to either kidnap or rob you the moment there's somebody not in the vicinity. Such factors sadly prevent people from roleplaying outside and showing activity just to prevent being chain robbed each day by same type of roleplayers. 


I also just feel like everything seemed more fun back in 2020 where there were way different type of businesses open and many other events going on. Sadly times change which you can't really change, either people leave the server or those who stay no longer wish to pursue the same roleplay. Any bigger event causes immense lag anyways along with texture loss, so any events we had back in 2020 you can forget about because the server can't handle it anymore.

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It's been years I've been on this server and honestly? I don't even know the answer. It's a mix between people afk-ing, erping in iinteriors, them being afraid to be robbed by DeShawn DeAndre and co, and businesses not being active apart from your average nightclub turned luxury gallery and ur bar that's also a nightclub, stripclub and casino. 

The meta is to find a group of people to roleplay with and stick with said people, sadly. 

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My guy said violence in night clubs is immersion breaking when most of the customers literally afk in a dance animation and there are people just casually sitting in a club sipping on their beer like it's a chill bar 😂😂 can't tell if u ever been to a club irl


fights happen often at real nightclubs as well, mostly women related. There's a reason why bouncers exist. Lets be honest my guy u just want to erp in peace

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