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Albert wanders around Paleto in a intoxicated way, trying to look for more booze. When he spots a dog barking at him by Park's Ranger HQ.Usually, Albert dies of fear of dogs but in the drunk state and thinking the dog was locked, Albert instigates the dog kicking the fence and laughs at him, till when the dog passes under the fence and attacks Albert viciously. The dog bites on his arm and Albert kicks the dog. Albert stumbles and falls over, the doggo bites Al's leg and in a desperate move, takes his colt out and shoots the dog twice on the neck. Albert runs to his place full of blood.





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After Al loosing with a "perfect" score of image.png.3755126108e9b02f01eaa95507b6e9f1.png and image.png.1c33730367c1052e97fa8d2bccdf0f18.png ending up on 4th place against 3 women. He left in rage the shoot range in a abysmal fury, blaming the targets, the guns and everyone after his poor performance, kicking doors and chairs on the way out.


The Target



His ego was damaged.

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