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So, I understand the reasons behind this. But-- Also, we get staff reported all the time, and quite often in error, or because someone disagrees with a decision we've made - which is eventually upheld.


I agree that the player that reported should always receive an outcome on what the resolution was, because - you want to know what happened and you have the right to know that action has taken place. But, I wholly disagree that these should be public, because it could cause people to lose faith in the people that we have here in the Staff Team, as a whole. And, the last thing we need is to be in an admin scene and have a situation where we made a mistake thrown in our faces. People lose confidence, Staff feel publically shamed for something they're volunteering to do. It could cause a very toxic atmosphere towards staff.


Yes, to more transparency. No, to public staff reports as a whole IMO.

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While I support transparency amung the staff team, some staff reports might contain very sensitive information that shouldn't be available to the general player-base.


Overall, I feel that reports made on staff members that do not pertain to their staff duties (such as a staff member being reported for DM) should be left public while reports that pertain to staff duties and decisions should remain private.

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So while I can't give the definitive answer for the administrative side of things, I can speak as the support side of staff management, reports definitely don't get swept under the rug and each and everyone is reviewed and examined. Many staff reports involve sensitive information, ranging from mundane IC stuff that can be easily metagamed to more sensitive stuff like the handling of real life information or the handling of rather heinous OOC acts such as us banning pedophiles, sexual harassers, doxxers, etc and getting reported for it. To get the full report across, a lot of sensitive information is put through in these reports that is confined to about 6 members of the staff team (Nervous, management, and the relevant need-to-know staff management.) Nervous demands that staff management require the highest standards from staff, and wrongdoing or abuse is not swept under the rug in any way, shape, or form. While I believe that transparency is key, there's a lot more to this than meets the eye and its done with protection of the community in mind. It's  fair to say that player reports would be private if there was a way to do it that would allow only the reporting party and reported parties to see it but unfortunately it's not. The intention isn't to shame players or have some sort of grandstanding spectacle at the expense of a player who broke the rules. 


Trust me when I say that these reports aren't hidden to cover up a grand conspiracy or let admins work with impunity, the goal of it is to have a safe and secure process. People often submit administrative reports under the promise of anonymity because they may fear reprisals in some way shape or form, and while I am not saying this will ever happen; this process guarantees that it will not. It's much in the same way that harassment reports are hidden. I'm sure this answer will not satisfy some of the people dead set in their ways, but I do hope that this provides some explanation and justification.



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