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Staff Update - October 2021

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the "Spooktober" 2021 Staff Update, the spooky month of the year! We hope everyone is ready for the end of the month and to collect free candy from their friends and families... On a serious note, we hope everyone is doing well!

First and foremost, the Staff Team will be going through some changes for the month of October, including @Groz heading into retirement and taking a step back from the Staff Team overall. For some of us, Groz has been here since the start of our time here within GTA World and has been assisting within Staff Management since I personally got hired onto the Staff Team. As much as we don't want to let Groz go, everyone has to sprout from the tree and fly away atleast one time in life. Groz has done amazing work here within GTA World and his legacy will be extremely missed throughout GTA World and the Staff Team specifically.. Groz left us with a nice little message that I have attached below. We wish you the best of luck with everything, Groz, and you will be truly missed throughout all of the Staff Team & GTA World in general.

With Groz heading into retirement, Staff Management as we know it is going to be changing slightly in structure, specifically to our former structure we had previously to Groz & Pillsbury becoming Management. @Pillsbury will now be overseeing the Staff Team as a whole and will be labeled "Head of Staff", which will lookover both the Support Team and the Administrative Team. With Groz leaving the team, @Jonesy will be taking over as the Head of Support and @KV transferring from the administrative side of things, to now the Assistant Head of Support. On the administrative side of things for Staff Management, @Odin will be assigned the position of "Head of Admins" and @Wally being moved over to the position of Assistant Head of Admins. 

I would like to first personally give a huge congratulations to @Odin, @Jonesy, @KV and @Wally - as I have worked with the four of them extremely closely over the past half of a year and I personally believe, along with Management, that they will be extremely strong candidates for the positions they are going to be taking. I know personally how hard it is to undergo the stressful position of Head of Admin/Support and Assistant Head of Admin/Support - and I know they will strive into the positions they have been assigned. We have no doubt that they can handle these positions and that they will continue to grow into the everlasting changes of Staff/Administration.

We would also like to give a huge congratulations to @Frezemis on making to Management as the Head of Property Management. Frezemis has been serving in the staff team for well over two years now, and has continued to show his dedication & leadership ability to the rest of Management, where we feel this change is the right one for the overall better of the community & Property Management in general. He continues to strive within Property Management and has brought the team to their highest points! We look forward for the great work and dedication that he has planned!

For those that didn't already know, @cxn has been appointed as the new Head of Legal Faction Management and is undergoing his interim period. We wish cxn the best of luck with the team and hope LFM strives more then it ever has before as we believe cxn is a strong and dedicated leader, that can continue to shape and improve the overall fundamentals of the Legal Faction Management team.

On the other side of things, as many are aware - we have had a new map mod placed into the server where it adds some physical effects to your gameplay. Some might notice barriers in highways, some more trees and extra props throughout the map that may for some, immerse their roleplay overall and give them that true 'vibe' of a City and County. We have a general discussion currently out for players to voice their opinions and to give an overall vote! You can find that here!

Recently we have also implemented a variety of scrips that support the overall gameplay of the server, one of these being an 'Auto Pilot' which allows the player to sit back and relax, while their car follows a waypoint destination! We have gotten some amazing feedback from the community overall in regards to this new custom feature, especially with cars avoiding each other and recognizing the possibility of a collision! 

On a final note in regards to Developers, Administrators & Support.. we appreciate the hard and dedicated work you all place in every month. You all deserve a huge shoutout for the constant work you put forward to make an overall better experience for the Staff Team & the Community. You all put hundreds of hours of work into the community and I make it my goal every month to make sure these contributions are recognized by Management & the Community.

Special note from Groz:
"I'm so thankful and appreciative of all the time I've spent within the staff team. I've had the opportunity to watch and work with so many of our current Administrators from the time they had only just joined the team as Support up until now where some are even leading our various subteams. To watch them grow not only in the Staff team but as people too has been so enjoyable and one of the most rewarding experiences ever. I'm so grateful to have made so many amazing friends within our team, I will always treasure the times we've spent making the server better, not to mention the fun we've had and stress we've endured along the way lol. To our lovely players, whom I've enjoyed helping day-in and day-out, thank you all for your kindness, your passion and most of all, for continuing to support our amazing server. I can feel confident in leaving knowing I've left both the server and our staff team in a better state than it was when I joined, and I know Jonesy, KV and the rest of our amazing crew will continue to build off of that foundation and turn it into something truly special. So once again and with finality, thank you all so so so much from the bottom of my heart. See you around!"

We look forward to seeing everyone for next month on the November Staff Update! We hope you have a great rest of the summer that is left! 


GTA:World Management Team


Admin Promotions
Game Administrator Level 4 to Management
@Frezemis (Head of Property Management)

Game Administrator Level 3 to Game Administrator Level 4
@Jonesy (Head of Support)

Game Administrator Level 2 to Game Administrator Level 3
@Björk (Senior Administrative Support, Staff Management)

Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2



Senior Support to Trial Administrator


New Support Members:

If you applied for staff and were not selected, you may request your denial reason via the UCP. Please wait up to 72 hours for your denial reason to be processed and sent through. As there is a large influx of requests that must be filled, please be patient in waiting for your denial reason. Please note that the support team reserves the right to deny applicants for for any issue that it perceives to be an issue including but not limited to; roleplay quality, general mentality or past incidents with staff and community members. Applicants who are denied in this application may not reapply until the staff applications open again in December for January 2022's recruitment wave.
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