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[LSNN] LSPD GED officer behind the petition on District Attorney Melanie Cromwell; "There are 118 signatures so far, we want State-wide elections for the DA position", officer says

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4 hours ago, knppel said:

Username: TheRealCarrySaunders

Comment: I hereby promise the people will be allowed to vote their DA as soon as we've voted our mayor and senators in office

Username: Alien

Comment: You are in no position to give such promises hahahahahahaha, imagine someone caring about your opinion

3 hours ago, Zani said:


Username: So So Scandulous

Comment: Ur just a news reporter hunny. Stick to writing. Maybe focus more on a more appealing title to grab readers rather than making false promises. xoxo MWAH


Username: Alien

Comment: She's not a news reporter, she got fired from the LSNN

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Username:  Redheadedmenace

Comment: Too many states elect the District Attorney. There's no legislation from the state dictating either an election or an appointment of the position. Fix this senate. It's on you. Too much power for one individual will destroy this state. 

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Username: Roraito

Comment: When did a district attorney become a state-level position? I could've sworn it was a county office. I'm sure it'd be an interesting election. One of the most stressful positions in our superior court, and the number of people who don't know whether they're state-level or county-level; much less the term 'prosecutorial discretion', trying to get on the ballot.

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