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Keep the map mod or not?


Keep the map mod?  

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I'm not saying we shouldn't have additions. But really and truly, and I'm sure someone has already said this, and I know someone is already doing it. But we should really look into having our own stuff mapped in that fits the server. That's the only reason I voted to remove it. It's a neat concept. But I think what we have isn't really very well executed.

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1 hour ago, MomoIsHere said:

The placing of trees is falsely prioritized. South Central has way too many trees; Mirror Park has pines at some points, which doesnt make sense; And I dare say the county actually got too few trees at parts. I'd say it has to be improved; and the goal of this general improvement should be a more general placement of more roleplay enhancing props, such as tables; chairs; general miscellaneous objects you'd find around a city.


About that "empty County" situation, this mod has been running around for the past couple of days. I know it's nothing new and I don't know anything about mods, and probably there are better or better optimized mods than this one, but maybe we could consider other mods that emphasize the vegetation in the County?




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I don't know if someone officially answered you yet regarding the US Flag and State Flag;

We were instructed by SA Government to place a USA Flag and a State Flag at every Park/Hunting Zone entry. We agree at times it looks a bit goofy, but it was something we were told to do at the end of the day. Gotta listen to Uncle Sam, you know?

SAPR also put some signs up throughout the State Parks for speeding (due to the speed limit being 45 in the Parks)/coyote watching for areas we know the spawn is more likely then less.

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