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[PETITION] DA Cromwell's Resignation


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On 9/29/2021 at 9:12 AM, knppel said:

Username: TheRealCarrySaunders

Comment: Get over it, you're shitty investigators that could not prove a fox stole a hen if he was caught still gnawing on it.

Some of you would first contact a news reporter, lure the fox on tv, arrest him there and meanwhile search his foxhole (or is it actually a rabbithole...?) hoping for evidence that "strengthens the case"-


Username: PeterG

Comment: If only being a shitty investigator would get them fired from their jobs, guess you'll just have to sit in that club on your own for now. Fingers crossed for ya though!

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Username: TheRealCarrySaunders

Comment: I don't even judge, mistakes happen and we're all more clever afterwards, but if I don't get my head through, I can either seek the fault with me- and attempt to change that, which will be easy as I have control over my own conduct.

Or of course I seek the fault on the outside, for example with a DA who doesn't fully follow my course of argument and thus obviously has to be corrupt as I am always right, which will give me a comfortable excuse to not question my own behaviour....

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