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[PETITION] DA Cromwell's Resignation


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On 9/27/2021 at 1:22 AM, nelsondx said:

Username: OWMARONE

Comment: That was an off color remark, it's highly innapropriate. You want? I can demand she's taxed, but clip her? *head shake*


Username: TonyEgg

Comment: Is it all just about Cromwell's resignation?

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Just now, Wildcat said:

Username: Rhino Lupertazzi

Comment: I'll crack her good. I'll ask for a month-long medical leave.


Username: TonyEgg

Comment: One month for being incompetent, what's next Rhino, you get to prosecute the Sheriff for a million!?

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Username: TheRealCarrySaunders

Comment: Get over it, you're shitty investigators that could not prove a fox stole a hen if he was caught still gnawing on it.

Some of you would first contact a news reporter, lure the fox on tv, arrest him there and meanwhile search his foxhole (or is it actually a rabbithole...?) hoping for evidence that "strengthens the case"-


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Username: Talia

Comment: Get her gone. Since joining the District Attorney's Office over a month ago, I have noticed that about over 98% of the people who were here when I first started over a month ago have since departed, many of whom were unhappy with the direction of the office. For too long the office seems to have been led by incompetent leadership. There is also a lot of un-organisation and mixed communication which is not amazing, especially to a new probationary. She's an appalling leader and has demonstrated themselves to appear rather lazy, the office's relations with the Sheriffs and Police have also been tarnished further as a result of her actions.


* Attached is an image of District Attorney Office members from 16/AUG/2021, those marked RED have resigned. *




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