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[PETITION] DA Cromwell's Resignation


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2 hours ago, Mecovy said:

Username: D.A.Shaw

Comment: Sorry but I support Cromwell, at least she has the courage to express herself freely in a city where women are told to shut up in government halls. 


Username: 1pizza

Comment: The hell you talking about? We've got female senators, a female undersheriff in the LSSD, a recently retired LSPD female chief, an ALMOST fully female swat team in the LSPD, and you're saying they're told to shut up? You're either just high or you're one of Cromwell's dangerous woke cronies! 

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1 hour ago, Jankara said:

Username: FTPower

Comment: Finally we have a DA that is willing to hold the cops to account for their vigilante tactics. 

Username: Todd

Comment: Yes, the DA who let Marty "Self Defense" Pisano walk without charges after mag dumping 2 mags into someone then fleeing the scene.


Go fuck yourself 

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41 minutes ago, HaminLord said:


Username: 1pizza

Comment: Says alot coming from some low life keyboard neck beard weird ass.


Username: jewels

Comment: im more successful in life than you will ever be. i make in a day more than you make in a year. the only "low life keyboard neck beard weird ass" is you who clearly has enough time to bother with some stupid petition

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Username: Rudy

Comment: DA Cromwell is an amazing person and is the only person in Los Santos who cares about our Italian American community. First, crooked Sheriff Joseph Cline and the goons at the Sheriff’s Department tried to take civil rights activist Marty Pisano off the street then he had Italian American businessman Peter Conti assassinated. It’s time to drain the swamp and take out the real crooks!

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