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Make Kidnapping work similar to the Deathmatching Rule


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13 minutes ago, Sabess said:

The issue is that the kidnappings literally aren't planned

More precicely: Kidnappings are sometimes planned in as possible (if not desirable) outcome of a robbery for a variety of factors (all of which are highly ooc influenced and have nothing to do with roleplay, which is why I support prohibiting such):


-finding a safe spot to spend more time roleplaying with a helpless victim without risking to be caught in the act


-certain rules ensuring robberies typically force others to play along regardless how dumb it is (rp fear- okay good, you rp fear, let me now kidnap you and waste an hour)


-even if a victim goes all the way, reports the crime, helps the investigators gather evidence and so on, the consequences are marginal on ooc level


-the people who conduct such a standard procedure in their approach to "roleplay" are likely to make a new character with the same trades, ensuring supply of such criminals doesn't die out regardless how much effort crime reporters and investigators might take to "combat an ic issue"


-and last but not least, reports about alleged rulebreaks where there's no glass clear deathmatching or the likes often get turned down and the reported party told to take it to rpqm, even if common sense and etiquette clearly imply such a scene should not take place on the server this way and its quality can not improve- there is no right way to just randomly scout for robbing targets and then ALSO pack them in a trunk without even having a clue whom to ask for a ransom or making demands or whatever you do when you take a HOSTAGE as a normal person (sic)

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Just now, Engelbert said:

Funniest thing is, that no matter how long I search, I cannot find abductions other than child abduction in LA crime reports, sure there are some, but only minimal.

Which only leaves us with kidnappings, that are actually robberies.

Ah yeah I almost forgot above, of course another big factor -and pretty obvious so it should be on top or position two on the list- is that (same as for robberies too) it's way too dummy easy to set one up on a random victim with no one watching because our map is designed for hundreds of patrolling cops and thousands of citizens.


Obviously here for once the "But irl" factor is dismissed by the criminals as they just do it for the rp

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Absolutely not. This would never work and give the opportunity for the victim to metagame to any extent. Telling someone they're going to be kidnapped before they're going to be kidnapped obviously will give the person an advantage against you and an upper hand in the situation. If you feel like someone kidnaps you for a stupid reason, report them.

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Well this is heavy roleplay server after all. Even if the roleplay was sub-par and literally wasted your time. Report will only drag on wasting even more time.

All I can advise here from my own experience is, put on some good music, roleplay through and then fuggetaboutit. Money are relatively easy to make, phones can be replaced and if they caught you with 5k cash, well that's on you.


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On 9/26/2021 at 8:44 AM, Engelbert said:

The way I see it. People are lazy. Robbery or kidnapping is usually the easiest way how to fill up quota for their shotcaller. And it is widespread, because people are lazy or unwilling to invest time into their roleplay. Not saying, that every robbery or kidnapping is like that, but, many. Robberies and kidnappings happen from three reasons. People are bored, so they roll out. They are after guns they sell or keep, or they need fill their gang's quota. The latter can be done in few other ways. But everywhere around the city, drug competition is strong, which is usually the main income of a gang. When nobody wants to buy drugs, their cannot sell their batch, so they are bringing nothing to their gang, which is why they often reach out for a robbery solution, hoping to score a packed lick. But sadly, there's only little that can be done. And gatekeeping kidnappings isn't a solution to the problem, cause kidnapping isn't the problem, too many gangs and too many drugs at one place are the problem. Because drugs are usually the main income of any gang, then come robberies and break-ins and gun trades. What we need is limit the supplier number.  Plus we can always report poorly roleplayed kidnappings.

The quoted post is a prime example of how these discussions should be handled.  Take note.  No one takes a response seriously when the individual responding 1.)  Insults the creator of a suggestion and 2.) Gives no actual feedback as to why they disagree.  Please remember that these suggestions aren't being made to victimize anyone or disrupt anyone's 'fun', but instead help the community as a whole.  By giving troll-y responses, nothing is being done to improve the community, only worsen it.

I can see where the original poster's coming from:  There's no fun for the kidnapped party in 90% of these situations when it's impromptu spur of the moment attempts at just getting a wallet off of them.  You're taken out near Paleto, have whatever you have on you taken and then just dumped somewhere.  So you're forced into RPing with individuals who don't seem to care about the quality of RP, least of all if it's a semblance of enjoyment for the kidnapped party.  I wouldn't be against perms, but for anything outside of the spur of the moment situations I don't feel it's necessary -- which is what I think the poster's trying to convey.

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While I can't get behind requiring admin or victim permission for a kidnapping, I can absolutely get behind creating a bare minimum requirement for kidnapping, such as outright banning kidnapping people for anything less than a briefcase of money.


If someone abducts you and transports you somewhere remote only to get twelve bucks and pocket lint, it should be possible to report them for carrying out an unreasonably risky crime for an unreasonably small reward.

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Heavily against further restrictions against illegal players and/or putting roleplay behind the admin pray-wall; this is not a PG server, we will only force criminals into a demotivation spiral if everything they do needs approval.

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What if, the time would be limited (or it could be negotiable to be longer if everyone agrees) to 30 minute or 1 hour, if it's a robbery - kidnapping roleplay against a random victim?


Then after the kidnapping + robbery roleplay, what if the involved participants could agree to allow the victim to /changechar and respawn at the airport, property, or motel (only after the victim has given / dropped their items and cash), which would be equal to a PK = forget it has happened?


This would save a lot of time, so the victim could get back / continue their roleplay and the kidnappers / robbers could get back sooner, looking for more victims.

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