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Make Kidnapping work similar to the Deathmatching Rule


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On 9/26/2021 at 9:14 AM, Martyn said:

Easy solution to the problem is adding Kidnapping to the deathmatching rule. If you have a proper, well developed reason to kidnap someone and you portray it realistically? Go ahead, be my guest. You kidnap someone, just to take them somewhere quiet for a robbery or any other kind of terrible reason? Or if you roleplay it extremely poorly? You can catch an ajail. 

Short description: Enact a simple permissions system for kidnapping to prevent completely random kidnappings.

Detailed description: Add a few different routes for permissions for kidnapping. Kidnapping should be considered a last resort, but it often ends up being used recklessly or for the wrong reasons (a mugging that could be done in a much simpler, efficient way.)


  • PM the person directly about it, and if they're in favor, then it proceeds as normal, as offensive RP perms used to go.
  • Allow all kidnapping when CKs are permitted on the character(s), either by app, faction rule, CK/PK wars, etc. (Barring the use of CK apps for the sole purpose of kidnapping.)
  • Report for permission the same way you would for business robbery perms if the previous two options are non-viable.

Commands to add: Probably none, unless that's decided easier to manage.

Items to add: None.

How would your suggestion improve the server: Sets a higher bar for RP quality, especially when that can lead to such a heavy time investment for RP you can't opt out of in the middle without ruining the whole scene or verging on combat logging/powergame. Random kidnappings can result in players being driven around or held for hours against their OOC will, which is technically not against the rules to do.

EDIT: I didn't expect this to blow up the way it did. This was not intended as an attack on anyone's play style, and I apologize to anyone that felt attacked. After reading through, I added a quote of a suggestion I read that I consider MUCH better than mine. Mine was bloated, slow, and overly complicated. I added it above mine as well as a thread renaming, hopefully it can serve the same purpose to improve RP quality in all facets of the server, legal and illegal. 👍

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I'm just going to state one example. Then I want you to tell me if that makes sense.


You biggest enemy is currently being set-up by one of your friends.

This big enemy killed half your faction.

You end up finding him/setting him up.

You try to kidnap him.

/do Am I allowed to kidnap.

/do No.




And lets be honest here, the stalling and metagame in robberies is bad enough. This will make it worse. Stop trying to restrict roleplay...

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Just now, fortyfive said:

I think it's better if we should just report to the Admin if we about to initiate a kidnap to someone.

This is a bad idea due to admin response times. While my crew was trying to conduct a heist on a open business. It took them two hours to respond, and then say "Spam report".


Same thing with /breakin. It would just restrict RP like crazy. A kidnapping is in the moment action, not a two hour wait type of action,

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I think we should also go as far as having to ask for permission to shoot someone as well if this gets implemented, I think that would be a pretty good idea. It would save us a lot of forum reports if the defending party accepted the fact that they will get shot now beforehand. 


So before you run or drive up to shoot someone just send them a friendly pm asking for their permission 😊

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  • LizziePup changed the title to Make Kidnapping work similar to the Deathmatching Rule

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