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Performance drop, map mod 25/SEP/2021

Now You See Me

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The game runs just fine for me with QuantV + PRSA ENB (max settings) + a bunch of other mods from Baboon's thread, but then again I'm on a 3080, a Ryzen 7 5800X & 32GB RAM. The biggest FPS drops I experience are from my very own graphics mods. I'd say remove misplaced objects but keep the vegetation improvements in.

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2 minutes ago, Jaskman220 said:

No difference of what? Prop related or performance related? Because prop related I didn't see a single new tree in Paleto Bay itself.

Neither of the two, to be honest. I might not be paying attention, but everything looks the same, to me.

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1 minute ago, DLimit said:

Neither of the two, to be honest. I might not be paying attention, but everything looks the same, to me.

It IS the same sadly, except if you drive out for a minute and head to the forest, then it has some improvements.

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4 hours ago, roymar said:

Okay, but why are you adding so much vegetation instead of allowing people to map their own stuff in front of their businesses? This would've made the roleplay more enjoyable for everyone instead of putting random trees around for no apparent reason.

NVE is a famous mod that a lot of people use, and restricting people from using it on the server could lead to players just quitting because they cannot use their mod anymore.

The last time that the mod was introduced, it was announced that the development team would work on the stability of the mod and improve its features, but all I can see are misplaced objects and possibly no effort put behind the implementation of the mod.


If you don't consider removing the mod, at least introduce a command to remove the new trees client-wise.


He just said it, there’s a difference between a clientside mod adding props and STREAMING those same props in. Streaming causes texture losses and crashes if it goes over a certain limit.


Which isn’t the same case with this mod since its client based.

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When we could have streaming distance at 350 meter, people kept complaining about texture loss so it was lowered and lowered again to satisfy the lack of high-end setup some don't have. Now we have been forced to add this mod, which is not very good looking at all and significantly impacts the performance of many players. Nobody requested this mod to be added and it certainly does not affect anyone's roleplay. People shouldn't have to lower their graphics settings for a mod that adds nothing other than terribly placed props and trees into the world.


If we are gonna keep this mod, why not increase the streaming distance back to 350 meters? It's not like we care about people using low-end computers anyway.

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