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12 Hour Days instead of 24 Hour


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I think it would be nice for Players that can only play late or early to have 2 day and night cycles per day.
Meaning instead of a 1:1 being 24 hours IRL = 24 Hours IC, it is 12 hours IRL = 24 Hours IC
I hope that wouldn't mess with some timers like prison time or other stuff that relies on this.

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Not sure. I've seen it work, but in med-fan games (L2, WoW & Ragnarok Online) where the time of day isn't *that* important overall. For paperwork, as mentioned above, it could be a bit weird. I'm sure it would be manageable, but could also create unnecessary challenges. I'd just see if the time zone changes go through, and if they solve the issues our US friends are encountering. If the time zone change doesn't help, then maybe discuss that at that time? 

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