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The Cardona Connection


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Under international and U.S. law, individuals can be prosecuted for membership in criminal enterprises. But what do we mean by “criminal enterprise”? The FBI defines a criminal enterprise as “a group of individuals with an identified hierarchy, or comparable structure, engaged in significant criminal activity.” Typically, we think of drug cartels, racketeering enterprises, or even the Gestapo. But what about corporations? They have shown themselves to be capable of egregious and criminal behavior: insidiously evading regulations or instigating and carrying out violent acts. Corporations should likewise be eligible to be labelled as criminal enterprises, as they are groups of individuals with an identified hierarchy that can engage in significant criminal activity. Corporate directors and officials could thus then be found guilty for the corporation’s bad acts much more easily, which I find appropriate.


Both international law and U.S. domestic law provide for criminal liability for membership in a criminal enterprise. Simply being a member in such a group is enough to warrant prosecution, without further evidence that a specific individual committed any other crime. Domestically, membership in an enterprise that participates in racketeering activity is penalized under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). Internationally, at the Nuremberg trials, the Gestapo was declared a criminal enterprise and all members were automatically penalized. Similarly, in the ICTR, a defendant can be found guilty for the acts of others under the theory of extended joint liability for a joint criminal enterprise. What would it take for a corporation to be deemed a “criminal enterprise”?



Today in the United States of America, there are many different “Organized Street Groups” that exist throughout the country. What exactly is an Organized Street Group? An Organized Street Group can be very commonly mistaken with Organized Criminal Groups as both are deeply involved in organized crime, except the difference is Organized Street Groups tend to be more influential on a local street level whilst Organized Crime Groups tend to be more influential on a more national or statewide level. Many people involved in Organized Street Groups tend to come from poorer parts of a city where the Organized Street Group operates in, an example being if EXAMPLE OSG had influence in South Central Los Santos, then someone from South Central would most likely end up with EXAMPLE OSG if they dig their hands into organized crime, instead of EXAMPLE OCG which might be more statewide oriented than city oriented.


Many of today’s Organized Street Groups have ties with street gangs from the cities they operate in, such as the Crips, Bloods, Sureños, Norteños, etc. There’s rumoredly more than 2,500 Organized Street Groups operating throughout the entire continent of Northern America, consisting of the United States of America and Canada. Organized Street Groups are known to have hands involved in everything from: Drug Trafficking, Firearms Trafficking, Fraud, Human Trafficking, Scams, Money Laundering, Contracted Killings, Contracted Kidnappings and Auto Theft. The list goes on and on, as there’s really no official stamped crime marker on Organized Street Groups; considering each OSG is different than the next OSG, and not all of them operate the same way.



In Los Santos County, there is rumored to be only a few Organized Street Groups that operate in the area; the number being assumed to be between five to six, although not many of these Organized Street Groups are dominating the playground. This is true for most, although there has been a group of individuals who are operating out of South Central predominantly who’re assumed to be mostly Latin-American persons that operate around a more multi-ethnic group. There hasn’t exactly been a named given for the group, but the aliases Lucky and Onsight have often been passed through the grapevine on a local level; dating years back a group known as Get Busy Gang had dominated the organized crime scene on the West Side of South-Central Los Santos, with the names Lucky and Onsight being tied to the leadership of GBG back in the day. 


The group itself in the modern-day is assumed to have Lucky and Onsight somewhere upon its upper echelon, although no evidence has surfaced to prove this yet. Another name that has popped up is the “Cardona” surname through the grapevine, but not much evidence exists to support the accusations thrown around that are attached to the surname. It has been suggested before that the group known to operate around South-Central might in fact be this specific one, who are rumored to have ties to the San Andrean chapter of the Mexican Mafia, and out of state Paisanos in places such as Arizona and Nevada.


Evidence must still come to light that this is in fact a thing, as at the moment it’s nothing but an internet conspiracy theory behind keyboard warriors typing at home. But some people speculate that the priorly known Get Busy Gang has evolved into something much bigger than they were ever expected to be, with rumors of them having ties in Imports & Exports companies and local businesses with lots of influence such as construction firms and restaurant franchises. This would make the theory of such a network existing all that more spine crawling, as it would mean they have their hands legally involved in stuff and aren’t just a bunch of 2-bit gangsters that would’ve hopped off the porch to flip dime bags.




San Andreas, a western U.S. state, stretches from the Mexican border along the Pacific for nearly 900 miles. Its terrain includes cliff-lined beaches, redwood forest, the Sierra Venturas Mountains, Central Valley farmland and the Grand Senora Desert. The city of Los Santos is the seat of the Vinewood entertainment industry. Hilly San Fierro is known for the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island and cable cars. Underneath all of this though, there is a dark and gritty driven criminal underworld that lays its head within the San Andrean peninsula; with major organized criminal factions based out of San Fierro, Los Santos, San Diego and other hubs in the state it makes for a rather competitive market for criminal groups if they’re in the same market. 


Although the city of Los Santos; which is described to have once upon a time been the home foundation for street gangs, has always had an organized crime scene behind it that played into the cards of street related politics; involving the Conti Crime Family, Eurasian Organized Criminal circle, the Aryan Brotherhood, San Andrean Mexican Mafia, Black Guerilla Family, Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations (MDTOs), and more. But in more recent years, the typical ethical organizational criminal structure that we knew it to once be, has slightly changed overtime where multi-ethnic groups have become more mainstream on the West Coast of the United States of America. Although most of these multi-ethnic groups must still pay homage to their designated patriarch, meaning that some of these multi-ethnic groups on the street might actually be paying protection money to dominant Prison Organizations like the Aryan Brotherhood or Mexican Mafia for protection of their members once they hit the mainline. The reason for this being, no matter how powerful an organized criminal group may be, if you control the prisons, you hypothetically control the state, which is the reason the Aryan Brotherhood and Mexican Mafia have in fact held a powerhouse over San Andreas for decades.


One of these supposedly multi-ethnic organized criminal enterprises are often associated with the “CARDONA” surname, there has never been sufficient evidence to link the surname to any criminal network in the state of San Andreas to this day, but rumors and accusations have been thrown around like wildfire. It has been said though that there’s currently three criminal groups that have been identified that seem to operate side-by-side as if they’re under the same umbrella organization: GET BUSY GANG (GBG), NO LIMIT & LA EMPRESA (THE ENTERPRISE).


Even though the Cardona Connection is a fictional concept, we strive to portray a realistic depiction of a street level organized crime group that will be starting from the ground up. Every member of this faction prioritizes character development and faction development over anything. All content that's posted on this thread will showcase said character development that pertains to the faction and help detail the factions in character development from 0 to 100. 


The Cardona Connection's leadership retains the right to character kill anybody aspiring to be involved with this faction. If you are interested in joining and need guidance when it comes to portraying your character, feel free to contact @TyJ & @CryptoBeauty with any questions or concerns.


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