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Ability to cover tattoos


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If it’s not too much effort sure, I guess. But given that you can literally wear long sleeves when you need to cover your tattoos, for example if you’re a cop and can’t show these tats whilst on duty, there’s a sleeved uniform option.

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OP is clearly coming from the legal side of factions, where factions like SD require tattoos to be covered up. Instead of wearing long sleeves, that way one person can actually RP the hot climate we have in LS and have his tattoos covered up at the same time.


I'd be more than glad to see this in, assuming you have a coverup sleeve mod for GTA 5. Otherwise a modder will need to make it, which can be a lot of effort.

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7 hours ago, EMC said:

I don't have an opinion on this really, I'd like to pop this in here for the reason its helped me with this exact issue.

Again, I'm not saying this is and instead of your suggestion, just has helped me while I save up for a $14k removal process.


Undershirt 195:

Works with most Shirts.

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Undershirts won't work for LEOs as they use them for belts.


I did make a very crude texture mod. I'll try making actual separate sleeves tonight. As for the suggestion as a whole: It was already pitched by the LSSD and accepted as far as I know. It would be best under the torso options.

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