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Lottie Laurier Law Firm


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  Our mission :

We in Lottie Laurier Law Firm help our clients triumph over adversity. We protect and find justice for our clients. Weather it be a criminal defence case, civilian or administrative tort, record expungement, simple legal consulting or something else, we are here for you. We put complicated legal procedures into simple terms, so even those who aren't familiar with San Andreas legal proceeding have a chance to understand and make rational decisions that lead to desired outcome. 

         About us :

Lottie Laurier Law Firm is operational since 2021 it consists of Attorney Lottie Laurier and a lot of partners that include former & future LEO's, private investigators, forensic experts, financial advisors, computer science experts and more. We work as a team, combining our insider knowledge to your advantage in fighting a case. Head of Lottie Laurier Law Firm, Attorney Lottie Laurier is expert in criminal defence since she is working as a Public Defender for those who are in need of representation but can't or don't want to go with private representation. 

        Practice areas :

Lottie Laurier Law Firm provide clients with wide variety of legal services from criminal defence to civilian litigation and traffic law, record expungements, legal counseling and more.

Criminal Defence Practice - We here in L.L. Law Firm understand that being arrest is one of most traumatic experiences that individual can experience. Statistic say that fifty - two percent of male Americans will be arrested in one point in their life, even more in State of San Andreas. We in L.L. Law Firm understand all of that, therefore our sole purpose is to ensure getting  you back on track as soon as possible. Getting a proper criminal defence attorney early is of utmost importance in ensuring that your rights won't be infringed as well as reaching a best possible outcome. Often times we are able to talk with prosecution before case is filled, resulting in "DA's Reject". Even if case is filled, we do have many tools in our sleeve to reach best possible outcome. Example of cases include, but aren't limited to : Arson, Assault & Battery, Burglary, Grand Theft Auto, Domestic Violence, DUI's, Drug Crimes, Embezzlement, Fraud, Gang Crimes, Habeas Corpus, Weapon Charges ( SHAFT Code violations ), Hit & Run, Homicide/ Murder, Insurance & Medical Fraud, Juvenile Crimes, Kidnapping, Manslaughter,  Parole / Probation Violations, Property Crimes, Sex Crimes, Stalking, Theft, White Collar Crimes... Alongside, of course, record expungements and appeals.

Civil Litigation - Civilian litigation is process where civilian matters are resolved on the court of law. Civilian matters can be described as relationship between the people, such as marriage, or between contract disputes between corporations. In simple terms, civilian cases are an individual or business filing suit against other business or individual. We here in L.L. Law Firm are deal with wide variety of civilian litigations, including :


  • Business Torts
  • Administrative Torts
  • Civil Remedies / Torts ( Personal Injury )
  • Civil Rights
  • Product Liability 
  • Professional Malpractice
  • Family Law Litigation
  • Civil litigation defence

Traffic Litigation - 


  • Speeding 
  • Reckless driving
  • Following to closely
  • Failure signal or to yield
  • Leaving the scene of the accident
  • Street racing
  • Etc...

            Legal fees  

Legal fees for our service are on case to cases basis. However, legal consultation through the phone, for the first time are FREE of charge. Therefore, you are free to give us a call and tell us about legal issue you are facing so we can figure out best course to take in given situation. Upon hiring us, both parties sign a legal service agreement that protects and dictates rights and obligations of both parties and insures transparency, protecting a client from additional ( unnecessary ) costs.

           Contact us  :

You can visit L.L. Law Firm offices on address 1 Rub Street, Floor 3, Room 1, La Puerta, Los Santos or contact us on : 


  • Attorney Lottie Laurier / Phone : 84 - 84 - 84 / E - mail : [email protected] (( Discord : Revolter #0527 or Forum PM ))



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Name: Lottie Laurier

Comment: Lottie provided me with her services to get my criminal record expunged for mistakes I committed quite a while ago. Without her assistance this would not have been possible. She was quick and got the job done right. Honestly for someone like myself who isn't the most turned on when it comes to law etc she was perfect.



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