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Clutch Diaz


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Cartier " Clutch " Diaz


Cartier Diaz born September 18th, 1992. Forced to become the head of the Diaz family at a minor age, Cartier Diaz was forced to mature quickly as he was growing up and being looked at as a leader wasn't a easy task. Cartier originates from South Central, always humble and collective throughout all the obstacles that were thrown his way. He was raising three brothers and striving to do anything in his power to make sure that they were safe and always healthy. Coming from the slums, Cartier slightly involved himself with gang violence due to him having less guidance than others. In his late twenties Cartier came up upon multiple opportunities to break the poverty barrier within the Diaz family, so he took them and did anything in his power to maintain the perks of these opportunities. Cartier has worked his way up the food chain, building a positive but devilish image revolved around him and the crew he surrounds himself with. A entrepreneur using his power to the best of his advantage to keep himself at the top.

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