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After a few of Jurassic Park Gangster Brim & Graveyard Maniac Avenue Crip affiliates were going back & forth on FaceBrowser, four Jurassic Park Gangster Brim affiliates "EseFase#3k, Kapo, Brazy#3, and NoGood#5" decided to take matters into their own hands. The four members took a trip to Hawick and recorded a video of them in the Graveyard Maniac Avenue Crips territory. 





After this a member of the Graveyard Maniac Avenue Crips posted a picture of him in the same territory the Jurassic Park Brims were recording in. Luckily, the Brims weren't back in Davis yet. They returned back to the scene and got into a fight with two members of the Graveyard Maniac Avenue Crip gang, making one run away, and giving one the beats.




https://face.gta.world/posts/173539 & https://face.gta.world/posts/173548

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