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Add back the trees.

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Nobody should be complaining about fps problems if they have a 1060 or better with a decent cpu, it was your choice to run 4K coochie mods in your game.


Also people saying the base game is already good enough is still living in 2013 and is actually playing this game on their Xbox 360. Modding capabilities have made it to where it can be even more closer to life but since somebody seemed to be more immersed only erping inside we don’t get the extensive change to the map. 



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49 minutes ago, Tseard said:

What about the performance issues that people reported/complained about? That is also one of the reasons why they were removed.


I could definitely notice a more drag on my computer and that one is relatively new with good specs. It was not killing the gameplay for me but I can understand that some people did have those issues.

That I believe the issue was that people were perceiving the normal GTA V lag (Very laggy on ragemp) as lag caused by the trees. Like I said in the main post, I tested this on my computer (Built this year with pretty much top of the line parts) and on my shitty backup laptop. I played GTAW on both of the devices before the update and after (To test the lagging claims) , and I had the same frames on my old laptop as I did when playing in the past. (It's a shit laptop and barely playable in the first place, and it wasn't any worse with the update on). RAGEMP is inherently laggy in some areas which give that "dragging"  and jagged feeling, that happens with and without the mod.


This can probably happen because when you install a mod that would supposedly make your game run worse (Even though it doesn't), you start feeling and noticing the lag that you were subjected to before installing the mod, but you were ignoring it since that's just how it was and how it felt. But since you're in a new environment and you're EXPECTING it to lag, you will notice absolutely even the smallest framedrop.

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I've tested it right after the restart. Not sure if it's because there weren't that many cars spawned or players online, but I had pretty good FPS considering I'm running QuantV 3.0 w/ an ENB and a ReShade preset. Didn't have any FPS drops at the time except 3-5 around Tongva where there's an abundance of trees. It was a nice way to breath lifer into an old map. i7 10th Gen w/ a 2060 RTX and 16GB of RAM are my specs.


That being said, I really don't see this working considering how the furniture system works, unless the mod can somehow only function in dim 0 and not any other dim. There's countless interiors put in the sky above the actual property, especially in more residential areas that seem to be filled with trees such as the hills, Mirror Park, etc.

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Edit the file, fix the interior tree issues. Remove some of the trees and make fixes to the mod that was on the server so it doesn't cause performance issues, simple. 


However, for now, I find it reasonable to have it removed seeing as there are issues with the mod as it wasn't made for GTA:W.



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1 hour ago, Paenymion said:

Keep it as vanilla but let LSGOV roleplay planting trees/placing benches where they want to and then actually do it via the script (external furniture?)

That would cause server lag most likely. With the mod download the strain is on the player's PC.

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