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Map changes  

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It’s honestly a good addition to the map, no complaints here other than the ungodly amount of hotdog stands but it’s nothing that I can’t handle. It’s something that can be turned into a good thing like giving new players the ability to have that as a job to make some extra income or individuals who may want to rp there. I like the trees and roadsigns added almost everywhere I go which adds to the realistic portrayal of LA. South Central feels more lively. Good work and and a good update, props to the team who made this!  Also, nothing that a little bit of tweaks and fixes can’t fix 🙂 

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The other side of this entrance is partially locked off so it's a foot traffic area only, only this side is lacking any kind of protection. 


Located on Prosperity Street Promenade.


No security




Security on other side



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I have to give props, it's a really nice addition. Alot more lush, you get a definite "Californian vibe".

Mirror park looks amazing.

Went all around the map, no FPS drops at all. Smooth as silk. I wasn't expecting that, was sure there'd be calamity, but no. 2 thumbs up.

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