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[4SALE] Sedans, SUVs/Trucks & Sport Vehicles!


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REUZEit on Twitter: "ANDbio is hosting a massive sale on 2715 items! Over  $1.2 million in discounts! Starting tonight at 6pm!! Visit  https://t.co/o5fgj8x2mK for great discounts and more!!…  https://t.co/Y0mDwW6f6g"


Benefactor Schafter (V12) Long-Wheelbase (LWB)


Price: $220.000




SUVs & Trucks

 Gallivanter Baller Limited Edition Long-Wheelbase


Price: $115.000



Sports, Supers & Classic

Enus Paragon R


Price: $400.000





FORMAT - Publicly or privately through [email protected]ail.sa (( Forum PM ))
Name: John Doe
Contact: PH#123456
Listing: Vehicle name and color of relevant.

Comment: You can insert your lifetime story here.

©Copyright - All Rights Reserved.
(( Try not to spam this thread with silly comments or offers (you can bother me in private messages with those 🥰).
It is very much appreciated if only those that are interested reply to avoid spam messages. 

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1 minute ago, Wuhtah said:

(( Hey @CobraEleven - Private bids are against the advertising rules on the forums. Please amend this! ))

(( Hello @Wuhtah - This isn't an auction, so there won't be any bids whatsoever. As shown in the format, it states the caption ''comment'' and not ''bid here''. 

If it makes you feel better, I will encourage people that contacted me through private messages to inquire and negotiate, to list their final publicly under this comment section. ))

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