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People ignoring dead bodies (expecially when LEOs) hurt my soul


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3 minutes ago, peteyy said:

You gotta realize though, gangs are supposed to be provocative and intimidating. But yes there are bad fruits here n there but I wouldn't call it 'a big chunk'.

That is the LOUD minority who is causing this issue, those need to be dealt with by factions leaders on an OOC level as well as by admins when necessary. What I mean is, whoever does that type of thing, should not be allowed into the faction and sanctions will be taken against them in the form of delaying their acceptance into the faction based on their progress. I do not say they can not learn, but if they REFUSE to learn then just out right ban them from being accepted into the faction. If they show they learn allow them to progress slowly until they're becoming a member of the faction.


Because if a person refuses to learn he will keep doing what he's doing and eventually will become a problem that will be dealt with by the admins. Otherwise the community he's role-playing with should be the guide on how he should be doing and teaching him if he is new and doing bad things.

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9 hours ago, Dylan_Hankcock said:

if the LSPD began patrolling around the so called " high crime areas " and attempted to speak with those said gangbangers or citizens around South Central then we'd simply get shot.

PD and SD have more of a presence in south central than actual civilian characters. I see more cruisers driving around than any other type of vehicle. (at least at peak time.)


9 hours ago, Dylan_Hankcock said:

Also, you only see pursuits 24/7 because everyone for some odd reason, tends to create a character that should run before even being pulled over or knowing the reason.

Not every pursuit is worth going after, especially when there's already 4 to 5 cruisers chasing the vehicle.

9 hours ago, Dylan_Hankcock said:

I'm pretty sure the one's complaining are the ones that are constantly on illegal chars that deathmatch and have no life icly.

This can be said about the PD/SD characters that never go off duty, I've never seen a character more hungry to shoot it out than some of the LEO RPers I've seen on here. Robo-gangsters and Robo-cops are a plague on both sides.

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I'm gonna be real here, I do ignore bodies, but only those outside of PHMC, as im getting fucking sick of people just driving up to the ambulance bay, yeeting their dead friend outside and driving off. When people actually begin take the idea of dropping their friends off seriously, and stop with the "express deliveries" then I'll stop ignoring their dead bodies.

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On 9/11/2021 at 4:58 PM, GambloTwitch said:

Dead bodies on the ground, shell casings all over, what a fantastic scene to investigate, uh? NAAAH. Let's watch it for a brief second and then drive off like nothing has to be seen.

There's someone standing in between them? Is he the murderer? We should definitely question him... NAAAH, let's just drive around trying to find someone else to chase in a pursuit.


Dead bodies on the ground, damn... I'm shocked... I am 17yo from the ghetto... criminality is in a high level, but a dead person still hurts my young human feelings... NAAH, let's just keep dealing my drugs with my feet almost hitting their dead heads, acting thug around it and not giving a single f-!


We should enforce the fact people has to roleplay it, expecially LEOs. 🙂


Here's the thing, its not like people don't want to roleplay, its just that almost always, these situations are complete wastes of times.


Let me run the situation down from our prespective:


I, a police officer, am driving around, I see a corpse on the side of the road with casings all around. I collect it, take pictures, search the corpse for items, then what? I file a report on the forums for someone to investigate, sure, but can he really investigate it? Not really. If we actually do /cdamages to see who the corpse belongs to and then roleplay it later, it will either make no sense because it was just a PK, or that we will be blamed for metagaming if it was a CK, which is very rare.


Now say there was a dude there? Usually (talking from experience), we'd walk up, hi, hi, did you see anything?

- Nah, the body was just there for a while.


Now, after you got a statement from someone, did the same few generic /me's to collect the shells, get a coroner over, what do you do? Its not only that you just spent a few minutes for another generic corpse that will lead to no roleplay beyond getting a coroner over to roleplay picking it up, you also didn't respond to the three other calls that just came in as you were on the scene, you also ended up ignoring the two other corpses that around the corner, and you also ended up doing the same scenario that happens so many times it just becomes so reptitive there's no interest to be found in it.


What do you think should be done?

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I mean - why kill ICly in the server? It has became so natural to see dead bodies all around, that maybe it is time that gangs/mobs/killers can just RP killing NPCs too - because killing has become the one of the most common things in this server. So - a gang should just go like "Hey, let us RP that we kill five people today" and they do the lengthy RP, and then they call in the admins, who will shake their powers and dead bodies all drop from the skies. All would be happy - people who do not want to get killed every day, if they are not part of the IFM. 

/me does not like that Johnny Q is walking in the neighborhood, where our gang turf is located. 
/me takes out his pistol and loads it. 
/s "Hey motherfucker - Ya ain´t welcome here!"
/me shoots ten bullets into Johnny Q. 
/me reloads his weapon and shoots ten more, just in case. 
/s "Fuck YOU, mano! Ya dead now!
/me collects the casings.
/me runs away from the scene. 

Go ahead and copy it - and mostly, have fun. 

Tbh - the death rate in this server is already comparing to those non-RP FiveM servers. It is getting quite ridiculous. 

(oh - and do get the sarcasm, which I expressed here, except the sentence, which begins with "Tbh..."

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Last time I stopped to report a dead body to the police, I was attacked with a hammer. Stopped, observed the body, put a planned meeting with someone at the beach on hold to call the police, notified the police of the body, and then someone decided that it was apparently a good idea to visit literal physical violence against someone that had requested a police presence beforehand.


That person died, by the way. It boggles the mind that by stopping to report a dead body, the dead body situation multiplied by a factor of three. That's right, two more people died, one of which was just some dude that was about to help before he was gunned down by another concerned citizen.


At this point, the violence of Los Santos is just a Los Santos norm. 

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Excessive violence and bodies piling up in the street sounds like the result of poor criminal portrayal.


Maybe experienced criminal players should start there and encourage these poor RPers to RP better and murder less?


I do know it takes some audacity to come to these forums and try and pass this off as an LEO / civilian problem for refusing to endorse & legitimise this inadequate & substandard RP.

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I play "The Schindler's List Theme" on YouTube whenever I see a dead body on the street. 
Nobody calls for 911, nobody takes care of them.
They're just there, laying on the ground, lifeless.
It reminds me of a scene from the movie "The Pianist." 

Of course, all jokes aside, people do not want to RP these kind of things because they are not in character in that moment. I mean, who wants to report a dead body when you can simply drive off and RP something else? 
I am aware that there's a rule that requires the players to keep in character at all times. But is it really possible for all players to apply this rule to themselves?
People find it easier to just ignore the dead body, which is a reasonable decision when you come to think of it. Who wants to wait around for 30 minutes for LSPD or Coroner's Office to show up?

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