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PM, Stop snatching player-houses for absolutely 0 reasons.


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Let's talk about this trend going on; You log into your main, you see where you gotta' spawn at and you notice there's something wrong. Apparently someone took away one of your properties you was actively using, have char development in it and stuff.

Why does this happen so often? Why is it a trend? How can I feel safe with my stuff, knowing there's someone out there snatching properties for absolutely 0 reasons?
Why are admins not willing to at least give an explanation of what happened? Made some reports in the past days, which gone totally unaswered.

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4 minutes ago, Cartoonhead said:

Had you logged in/played as that char within the last two weeks, if so did you use the house at all?

Sir, I actively use it on a daily. It's my char's bootleg tattoo parlor, safe stash house and run-down torture room. I can find 20 more uses for it.
In no way shape or form, I keep properties for hoarding prospects, or to flip them. Not doing it, haven't done it.

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I'm locking this thread.


If you have an issue with Property Management, or a property being revoked, get in contact with one of us and we'll gladly help you. Most of the time we leave a notification in /notifications to explain why.

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