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Staff Update - September 2021

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the September 2021's Staff Update! We hope everyone had a great summer and wish those that are heading back to school the best of luck!

Over the month of August we have had several updates come out for the server, including one of the more popular additions - the jail character, aviation update and as-well, multiple fixes to our streaming ranges throughout the map. In the early days of August, the Development Team worked extremely hard on fixing our streaming issues within the server, so the players can have an overall better experience. With multiple tests done, we believe we have the server at the right streaming range to give everyone an enjoyable time. The jail character gives you a free character slot to dedicate to TTCF and serving within a lifelong prison sentence. Players are now able to properly develop a character to serve a sentence and get the long-term roleplay aspects of someone in a county prison. We suggest joining the LSSD's faction discord if you have questions about the jail only characters. You can find the discord link here.


On our aviation update, specifically for those operating the emergency service maverick, are now able to get a street view from the camera system attached to the helicopter, which tells you the locations you are at, and multiple other instrument panels that would be realistically included within the aircraft. We have seen amazing feedback regarding the systems and we look forward to continuing to improve as needed! As a side note, we have also added a working two-factor authentication system in-game, and can be easily activated by typing "/setup2fa" and downloading a trustworthy authenticator app on your smartphone. 

Within the mid of August, @Nervous and @Frezemis worked together on making a major property update, that can be found here. The thread that is linked goes into detail about properties themselves, how they will be processed and new regulations regarding house/property requests. An update to the regulations was also released regarding how much you can sell your property for, especially when holding it for longer times. Following this update, the famous map that showed houses for sale, is no longer active at this time for houses, but will show apartments that are for sale/rent throughout the map. Frezemis and Nervous also implemented a new system regarding activity checks on houses, mandating at-least five hours on the character that owns the house for the past two weeks (or one month for donators). We suggest for those that are interested in getting a new house or looking for more information, to check the thread out. 

On more of a staff side of things, administrators are constantly working hard and placing in a great amount of effort to make sure reports, forum reports, refund requests and asset transfer requests are being handled as soon as possible, and efficiently as possible. Administrators work around the clock to assure the community is continuing to progress, especially when you the players need the help. I would like to once again, personally thank our Staff Team in a whole for the great amount of work and effort they put in every month.

We look forward to seeing everyone for next month on the October Staff Update! We hope you have a great rest of the summer that is left! 


GTA:World Management Team


Admin Promotions
Game Administrator Level 2 to Game Administrator Level 3
@Pepper (Head of Requests - PM)
@harrison (Senior FM)

Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2





Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1






Support to Senior Support




To avoid an influx of repeated questions, applications were not opened this month and due to a new internal system, they will be opening now every second month rather than month by month. If you were reserved in the previous wave, you will be automatically brought up for consideration in the upcoming wave for this month. If you have questions unrelated to what was mentioned above please contact @Groz or @Jonesy for assistance.
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