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Joey from the Block

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                                          "Being a Villian for everyone else was more fullfilling than being a hero for myself." - Joseph Magliaro
This thread will follow the character development of Joseph Magliaro. A New York native who has came to Los Santos for glory.

   General overview of his attributes and statistics:
Full Name: Joseph Magilaro
Age: 22
Date of Birth: June 17th, 1999
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight.
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York, New York
Height: 5’ 10
Weight: 150 pounds
Character’s body build: Skinny yet muscular build around his biceps and chest areas.
Eye Color: brown.
Hair Color: Black.
Current Residence: Los Santos, San Andreas
Occupation: Unemployed 

Personality Attributes and Attitudes:
Educational Background: High-School
Languages: Fluent in English, Understanding of Italian and speaks a little.


Born into a Italian American family, family was a big thing for Joseph. He had a huge family ranging from cousins to nephews to his own. He was born to a father who worked for a social club as a bartender, yet he didnt make enough. So he did dock work in New York while Josephs mother worked as a baby sitter to make ends meet at there area. Joseph grew around alot of Italian kids who enspired to be the idea of "Mobsters". Yet none of them knew what it really meant. They would smash windows and get into trouble all the time, being the little hoodlums of their italian neighborhood. During his childhood, his mother cheated on his father with the priest at their church, seeing that their family was strict Catholics. Having no mother, Joseph looked up to his father more and more. Having hard love and rarely seeing any emotion because he was a single child. It was him and his father against the world. His father shunned his mothers side for taking her side, keeping Joseph away from most of his extended family.

As the years went on, Joseph became a handsome Italian American. He would get all the girls at school even stealing his own best friends girlfriend from him. Getting him a bad reputation in their small Italian community. Joseph had no loyalty because he had nobody to trust expect his family. He thought of himself and him only. As he went through high school, Joseph got into the small criminal act of selling dope for a older person in the neighborhood. He was a wannabe mobster who really was just a twenty year old who had a weed contact. Joseph had a mind for the business, yet it wasn't long till his father found out. 
Being kicked out due to the drug dealing that his father found. Joseph moved from couches and spent some time on the streets because he had so little friends. A couple years after graduating high school, his father let him come home. This was for a reason...Joseph's father was dying from a bad heart. It was just a matter of time before his father passed away. Joseph had no idea of this, having a hard time keeping straight and doing the legal way to make money. He stayed away from selling weed and job hopped all the time. Finally the day came where Joseph came home to his father dead in his chair. He died from a heart attack and Joseph was at the funeral alone. A twenty two year old with no family and no role model to look up for. He decided to leave New York and head to Los Santos for glory and a new life.

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