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Faction Guidelines and Creation of New Factions


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A faction differs from an unofficial group (https://forum.gta.world/en/forum/936-unofficial-groups/) where they are scripted into the server, are more robust and long lived, and have proven themselves to meet or exceed the community's standards in that area of roleplay. While not always the case, factions are granted this status under the assumption they will act as a local power when dealing with similar unofficial groups throughout the area. As the standard bearers for their specific area, both factions and groups are required to abide by the following rules:


  • Leadership is responsible for the roleplay quality of all invited members and must ensure that repetitive or especially egregious breaches of the rules are dealt with with internally as well as by management. Leadership is responsible for removing players who do not fit the OOC roleplay standards of the faction and failure to do so will reflect on the leadership.
  • Leadership is response for ensuring the portrayal of the faction remains realistic to the setting and is within the specific requirements setout by Illegal FM, Continuity, and Management.
  • Enforcing clear and heavy handed rules surrounding the separation of IC and OOC, metagaming, and roleplay quality.
  • Leadership is expected to maintain cordial OOC communication with "rival" factions / groups and work to resolve any OOC issues as much as possible. 
  • Be completely open and transparent for any Illegal FM audits of your roleplay, transactions, or OOC dealings. (Factions must provide IFM full access to their Discord server)


Groups or factions who breach these rules will be subject to sanction by Faction Management which may include a warning or outright closure of the faction, depending on the severity of the offence. While the first goal of FM is to guide and help improve roleplay, FM reserves the right to shut factions and groups down for the breach of any of the above rules without notice. Faction or group leadership teams whose project is shut down by faction management may not create or be involved in the creation of a new unofficial group for four months. 


Note: Legal groups portraying Government Agencies, Law Enforcement, etc may not be formed without the express consent of the head of Faction Management. 


  1. Create an unofficial group thread. All factions are required to create an unofficial group to showcase their concept, roleplay quality, and activity. Frequent screenshots are encouraged to showcase what you do as a faction and ensure that your members are accurately portraying what the faction as a whole intends. Groups will be under constant scrutiny by Illegal FM and must meet the above requirements. 
  2. Submit your faction thread. Once faction leaders meet the following requirements, they may submit their faction thread here: https://forum.gta.world/en/forum/722-submit-your-faction/. Only staff and the player who posted the thread can see the application and any questions about the faction from FM will be asked there. Prior to applying, the following requirements must be met:
    • Your unofficial group must have been open for 4 weeks and have shown consistent, reasonable activity since then. (The open date will be the date of your faction thread being posted.)
    • Your group must have a minimum of 5 dedicated, active members. 
    • Your group's administrative records must be reasonably clean or have shown recent improvement (~no major punishment 2 months), and the faction leaderships' admin record must have no history of severe breaches of the rules including but not limited to: hacking, bug exploits, OOC gun dealings, severe faction wide metagaming. Leadership should aim to have no recent major punishments (ajails / bans) on their record for 3+ months though this will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
    • Spoiler

      Faction Name: <name>

      Thread Link: <link unofficial group thread, must be 4 weeks+ old>

      Discord Link: <permanent Discord link, you'll need to set up a role for "IFM" which has "Administrator" ticked on for auditing>


      Character Name — UCP - Forum Name - Discord Character Name — UCP - Forum Name - Discord


      Additional Comments: <anything you want to add that wasn't included in the above, your area to "speak your piece" if you want anything clarified.>

      Concept: <write your concept and how it fits, do not copy paste from your existing thread, include any in-character lore that has been developed as well, this is basically your "pitch" as to why your group needs/deserves faction status.>


      Plans / Future Goals: <where you want to take this group, what goals do you want to achieve, give us an idea about how you guys want to progress>


      Members: (add as many as needed)

      (Rank, if applicable) Character Name — UCP - Forum Name - Discord


  3. Faction Management will discuss your application and ask any questions: Please wait for 2 weeks since your application date prior to submitting a follow-up. FM will take between 1-2 weeks to discuss, review, and audit your faction members. At this time your roleplay quality may be observed so ensure that your members are on their best behavior.
  4. If you are accepted, you may get your faction scripted in: Once accepted, /report in game for a level 3+ or Illegal FM admin to script your faction. In the event your faction is denied, submit any appeals to @Shanks and the relevant leader (@honey. for illegal factions, @cxn for legal factions).


Illegal Faction Management (all questions and concerns should be addressed in a forum PM)

General questions & concerns: @harrison @Igloo @lambchops @slothy @Groz @Jonesy

Head of Illegal Factions: @honey.


Legal Faction Management

General questions & concerns: @Storm @Moe @Biscuit @Keane @JimmyCZ @Banks @Orbit @Doosty @Zani

Head of Legal Factions: @cxn

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