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What is your take on prostitution roleplay?


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Before this thread starts and gets derailed, take the following into account

  • You ARE entitled to your own opinion
  • Even if it is different to others you are not wrong, as it is an opinion
  • Arguing is stupid and gimpish as fuck. So don't.



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My char has plans to co-run a slightly up market "pimping" operation in the near future. I think it has the potential to be good RP for anyone involved. I don't see it as my place to judge somebody else for their choice in fun/entertainment. To me, people can do what ever they want as long as it's not hurting anyone else's experience and it within the rules.

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Just now, i dont wanna od in LA said:

its only cool if ur the pimp and u have 0 involvement in erp

i agree whole heartedly with this, but 95% of the people who RP as a prostitute are in it for the ERP and usually only log onto fuck someone with their keyboard. I am yet to see a proper developed pimp ring.

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There's nothing wrong with this unless the actual act becomes the focus of the roleplay efforts, nor should it be the end goal of a character's story.


I found that @scrap and @Olya's introduction in this faction's thread sets a good example on how to roleplay around this subject.


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I wouldn't participate in either side at all personally but I respect the people that do it and provide roleplay outside of eRPing. I know people who are prostitutes and just fade to black for example. If there's people that only do it for the eRP them oh well, at least I don't roleplay with them. But if people enjoy what they do, let them do it.

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