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LSRP is officially shut. End of an era.


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On 9/16/2021 at 12:31 PM, Scorgasmic said:

Wow... very sad to see it go. I have so many memories on there as well as Argonath RPG from 2007/2008 up until. SA-MP was definitely the golden era of gaming for me. But all good things come to an end eventually.



Takeo Hashimoto and Kenji Hashimoto.


@Kuma and I had a rivalry with those brothers. They used to always try to one-up us in Akuji-Kai. 


I'm in that screenshot. Reiji Itami. 

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oh and yea BTW this man mmartin...smh lol.


Said the forums will be archived asap but then went on Discord and said somewhere next year.


That was the problem with LSRP, that man was never transparent and super lazy. 


Staff > Community relations/transparency killed LSRP. 


Thanks Kane, Mmartin and Mistress Jennifer. 

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I had amazing memories on there and will make more here. It's unfortunate that it's gone but it's for the good. I will miss the people and the friends I have made. On to a new era. RIP will always be one of the best memories I have ever had. 


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