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2154 Senora Way


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2154 Senora Way - Ron Alternates Wind Farm


An old yet precious trailer on the outskirts of Sandy Shores, located inside a beautiful valley. Ideal for those who like peace and quiet.


Now accepting bidding offers. Property will be sold on September 10th!




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(( Property information ))


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(( OOC Disclaimers: Your character’s roleplay should mainly be in the County. Those that are part of a County faction, such as LSSD, SAPR or O’Neill, or those that can prove their character is mainly roleplaying in the County will receive priority. If you’re a city character looking to get a vacation place I will deem your bid invalid. A background check will be done at the end of the auction.


The auction will take place until September 10th and may be sold for any price at that point of time in accordance with the new housing rules.


I am selling the property due no longer being part of LSSD. ))

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