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Counterfeit alcohol


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I've been roleplaying with the Gezalyan-Pogosyan organization recently, and I've spent the last two weeks trying to set up an counterfeit alcohol business. (https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/56671-vladimir-vulpea-bodrug/ here you can see some of the roleplay) 
Thing is, the system has some limits. I wanted to produce counterfeit champagne and wine too, but I can only produce Moonshine and Liquor. The question is, would it be okey selling Liquor (script-item) as Wine/Champagne (roleplay-wise)? If not, what can I do?

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What is "counterfit alchohol"? I don't think there's anything stopping you from doing that. Moonshine would be considered some very strong, foul tasting alchohol that you would ICly be trying to bottle and rebrand as something else? 

I don't think you can force anyone to not know it's moonshine as they drink it, but you can definitely suggest it through your RP that the taste might be a bit altered, or not what they were expecting. But to have some perfect knock-off made of moonshine I'd imagine is doubtable. 

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I do not have the intention to mask it to the level of creating, for example, a perfect replica for a whiskey bottle. The taste is a bit altered, as you have said, but clearly not perfect. 

That's what I roleplayed so far.


I already figured out how to create some drinks such as vodka using the moonshine. On the other hand, I feel like rebranding Moonshine (which is traditionally made with 40% ABV) to wine is a little too much.


Liquor is pretty close, as most of the time it has a strong alcohol base (usually a drink with 40% ABV) mixed with fruit flavors and stuff. Logically, this could be rebranded as wine or champagne, but is there anything wrong?

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I would personally suggest setting up an IFM scheme request to import counterfeit "premium champagne" that in reality is just off-brand sparking wine with a nice label. Everything you need to know about getting the items for this scriptly can be found in this thread in the faction forums:


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