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Rico Godwin III
a/k/a Juice Loc#3
a/k/a Juice God 
a/k/a 360 Juice


Age: 18

Height: 5'11''

Weight: 185 lbs

Facebrowser: https://face.gta.world/RG3

Rico "Juice Loc#3" Godwin III is the son of Rico Godwin Jr. (Juice Loc#2) an OG from the Crystal Heights Hustler Crips; a defunct Crips set that was hit with a major gang injunction in the late-2010's, where most of the active gang bangers and OG's were locked up for several drug and murder charges.


Juice was born into the gang life, coming from a lineage of Hustler Crips that started from his grandfather, Juice Loc#1. Due to that fact, Juice has always spent time with his big homies and would often get in trouble with them. Although, he would never get the brunt of the consequences as he was always protected by the older gang members. They will often take the fall for the young Juice Loc.

Growing up, the culture of fast life and fast money was deeply ingrained in Rico's mentality. Even though his big homies would encourage him to stay in school and continue pursuing his budding Football career, he would always pick the streets because of the allure of money, girls, clothes, and power. Heavily influenced by his older peers, he would continue on the cycle of hustling and blowing a bag on expensive clothes and jewelry. With the motivation to get money by any means necessary, he would join the gang on flocks and licks. Being almost always the youngest of the group he would get the smallest percentage of their earnings. Unsurprisingly, he would always blow his money on Jordan's, gold plated chains, and the latest fashion trends.


Being dependent on the protection and care of his big homies, the gang injunction would take a toll not only to the Crystal Heights Crips set but also to Juice's psyche. As he witnessed all of his closest friends and elders get locked up he was left only with his father's guidance (or lack thereof). Them not seeing eye to eye a lot of the times, he would pave his own way and methods to securing the bag. 


He now works at Strawberry's 24-7 after dropping out of high school, getting paid the minimum wage. Juice also moonlights as a taxi driver, using his father's taxi cab whenever it is available and if he needs extra cash. 


Often, Juice daydreams of living a lavish life, fucking Los Santos' hottest bitches, driving the most expensive cars, wearing the latest drip, and flexing it all on social media. 





Rico "Juice" Godwin III by @ch0lo 

(click on the portrait for his incredible character art portfolio)

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#1 "A Broke Man's Ambition"



 Rico catches up with his homeboy and fellow Hustler Crip Ronald "Primetime" Sanders. The two have been plotting and scheming for their come up since day one. Sharing the same interests with fashion, shoes, girls, and the overall lavish lifestyle. They work hand in hand to reach "Hood Rich" status. They want to secure the bag 💰 and they want to do it fast.


Knowing that in South Central LS, they may not make it past 21.




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#2 "Night Owls"



While checking out Downtown's busy nightlife, Juice gets an unexpected call from Primetime for a link up at LTD Gas Station on Davis.


Primetime has been constantly trying to connect his plug 'Nez' with Juice. With that in mind, Godwin hurriedly pedals back to South Central, LS. 




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#3 "LTD Shiesty"



The duo wait patiently for the plug. However, the surrounding areas of LTD Gas Station  has a reputation for crime and gang violence. Primetime tells Juice to get the strap 🔫 as he senses danger looming...





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#4 "Waiting in Vain"



A black sedan suddenly pulls up on Primetime and Juice, catching them both off guard. Rico knowing that they are not posted in their own section, expects the worst.


He stays on his toes and keeps his hand close to his firearm. 



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#5 "Strawberry Swing"



Another day, another shift.


Juice makes it to his shift at Strawberry 24-7, this time he works night shift. Unsurprisingly, the clientele would be a mix of locals, gangbangers, and blue collar workers. This certain 24-7 branch has had it's fair share of violence and trouble; from broken windows, petty robberies, to full blown shootouts.


Rico contemplates all the time why they don't invest in bullet proof glass windows and doors. 




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