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[LSNN] Fashion meets Rock; The best outfit ideas to look like a rockstar

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Fashion meets Rock; The best outfit ideas to look like a rockstar






Undoubtedly there has always been a link between fashion and music; one influences the other and vice versa, in a never-ending shift of trends. A lot of major fashion trends were born due to music, and it’s extremely important for musicians to keep a fresh and fashionable image. After all, fans support artists that they can feel identified with, their music, lyrics, and also their clothing aesthetic.


We have asked local musicians what they think about this symbiotic relationship between fashion and music. Laura Vinadetti is one of the most talented and promising singers Los Santos has. She usually plays at pubs such as the Blue Lion, and after dropping from college she wants to follow her dreams of becoming a famous artist. She stated that "Image depends on the musician, the mood, the theme, the weather even. Some musicians love to dress trashy to prove a statement. Some are just very flashy, and some others just wear comfortable clothes and set new trends, like me."


We asked the same question to Brad “lil” Hata, one of the most relevant DJs and pop artists this city has ever seen. This is what the author of “Out of the blue” hit said: "I, myself, being an artist, think appearance is very important in music. It sets new trends, allows people to express their interests within fashion through the different genres of music. The different outfits for each genre are so wide and allow people to express how wild or calm they want to be with fashion. It can also showcase an artist/performer more. 'What will Brad be wearing this time?' This overall makes it very important for artists to express these fashion eyes and gives them that look."


Whether you are going to a concert or just want to look cool while hanging out with friends, we are going to show you some ideas to bring rock music to your style. Graphic print tees are a must-have, always combining them with black skinnies, or ripped jeans, finished with platforms. Or if you want to be more daring, a black or white latex skirt combined with boots will always give that sexy rock chick vibe. Whatever style you like the most, we are showing you the best outfits to make you rock!


Black printed t-shirt ($700) - Black choker ($500) - Model: Alexis Faith


White mini skirt ($800) - Black crop top ($500) - Black platforms ($1,000) - Model: Nina Garavano


Black mini skirt ($800) - White sweater ($1,000) - Black boots ($1,200) - Model: Penelope Halcro

Purple mini skirt ($900) - Black chain top ($1,000) - Pink choker ($500) - Model: Emma Bailey



Denim jeans with flames ($600) - Black boots with flames ($800) - Studded black vest ($800)
Model: Seo Moon

Gray t-shirt ($500) - Denim shorts with fishnet stockings ($600) - Studded boots ($800)
Model: Maria Panfilova

Left: Leather jacket ($1,200) - white t-shirt ($600) - leather pants ($1,000) - Model: Brad Hata
Studded black vest ($800) - Ripped jeans ($600) - Model: Peyton Bradford

Leather vest ($900) - Gray t-shirt ($500) - Black jeans ($700) - Model: Felix Brown





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Username: Switchblade
Comment: What the fuck is this tourist poser shit? Stop dressing up and acting like you are hard shit when you whimper and cry when you break a fucking nail. While rock is commercial these days you can't 'dress up' to be a fucking rockstar. Sling back some fucking beers, snort some coke and fuck some shit up. Fucking big ass corpos are a joke, typical 'model' shit and faux 'goths' ruining the real punks and goths in this wasteland of a city. 

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