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/gps Overhaul/Rework

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I agree that GPS needs an overhaul! Being a new taxi driver I roleplay using my phone for directions with a google maps alike but the GPS is of no support to me! You can just make this an actual app on a new iphone for more money, and have it updated and just road names or areas come up, even specific addresses don't always work.

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5 hours ago, Pogis said:




A great suggestion, I most definitely support it.


And if doing this - how about making us able to purchase GPS' in a 24/7 or a hardware or whatever store? Really hate that I have to go to a mechanic for them to ''install'' a GPS in my car which I can get at literally any electronics store nowadays. And, who the heck even uses GPS' like that? It's all about smartphones nowadays.

Already ahead of you there.

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6 hours ago, RoadTrain_ said:

Discovered today that this was partially implemented. You can now use /gps to easily navigate to businesses and standalone houses. It's not possible to navigate to complexes yet, but it's already much better than it was.

@Vassilios any comment on this bud?

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