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Corporal Greg Haskins

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Greg Haskins is a former trainee LSPD officer. Having failed training on Day 2, he moved out to Sandy Shores, working at the Gas Station for 20 years, before being fired for theft charges.


Shortly after, Greg fell into a spiral of drug addiction, becoming a local figure in Los Santos. However, with the help of the LSPD he has recieved counselling & guidance and has since given up the drug addiction. 


For a short while, Greg was employed by Aurum Energy, as a janitor, however was fired for insulting the COO.


He now resides in his Bravado Youga, travelling around San Andreas with his own window cleaning, and hotdog stall business.



Greg Haskins Screenshot Thread.

Please contribute if you have any SS's of Greg.


Greg's Wieners.





Biker Fight:






Confronting the Captain.




Inappropriate use of the library.



A letter to Gruppe6



In trouble with the LSPD



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