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[4SALE] Semi-Luxurious apartment in the heart of Burton. 100 Alta Street - Floor 1, Room 10.

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Apartment for sale at 100 Alta Street. The room is the tenth room on the first floor. 

The apartment has been furnished to match a general "family" life vibe. There's one grand bedroom, a bathroom with a hot-tub, a children's bedroom and a large living space, containing the living room, the kitchen and a hallway. The apartment comes with full furniture included in the price.

Burton, where the apartment is located, tends to be a safe spot for the residents. There're little complaints of the life quality there.

There are friendly neighbors, that occasionally gather around the property. Neighbors are talkative, but they can easily be avoided if you wish to pursue that.

Apartment is cleaned and ready to be taken. 


CB is 300,000$ (on-hold). The asking price IS negotiable, trade offers will be considered.

(( The market price of the apartment is 105,000$.

The furniture cost is 115,663$

The property can be sold for total of 430,663$.

The picture to confirm all of this will be under the furniture images. 115,663$x3 = 346,969$. That's the furniture price x3 + MP. 345,969$ + 105,000$ equals to 450,969$ ))




Children's Bedroom -


Big/Master's Bedroom - iXXuYcJ.png

One hallfway showcasing the doors. First door is the Children's Bedroom, second is an empty room, which was initially projected to be a lounge, but was removed, third is the door to the Master's Bedroom, last door is the door to the bathroom - OC7gFGZ.png

The bathroom with the hot-tub - wWgyH2O.png

First look at the general living space/living room - yhMkTMS.png

View of the hall of the apartment - FosM80S.png

Picture of the kitchen on it's own - op0ERGZ.png

Second look at the living room, now from the kitchen - clxZ2TO.png

(( Furniture, MP etc - dfGaSpZ.png ))


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28 minutes ago, Wuhtah said:

(( By the way, it is MP (market price) x 3 + FP (furniture price). You have FP x 3 + MP - this is wrong. It would be max $430,663. ))

(( Ah thanks. I remember an admin telling me it's actually the FPx3 when selling, but it might've been updated in the recent housing update. Anyway, thanks. UPDATED as well. ))

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