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Enforce a stricter /attributes policy

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49 minutes ago, Phased said:

I'm sure if you have an issue with Brian's actions, a staff report would be more suitable than calling them out over minor things over the forum. 🙂


My replies are writing themselves today. Thanks.

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Personally, while I disagree somewhat with the reasoning for this suggestion, I do think it is right in part.


I don't think people should be forced to put in things like "Has gang tattoos showing affiliation to X Gang" but I do agree that some description of the tattoos should be there. This way if people know the gangs, they might be able to figure it out.


I also agree with Wuhtah however. While I do think that some people simply don't put the effort into their attributes. I think that many may just misunderstand what is required and need more guidance and not punishment. Perhaps a part of the attributes page should be a list of dos and don'ts.

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People claim that writing descriptive tattoos is metagaming, but isn't failing to identify IMPORTANT DETAILS in CERTAIN TATTOOS borderline powergaming? If a man has a Hoover tattoo on his face, then it should be stated as such. Depends on the set and the person, should be a bit more descriptive than just "Hoover Tattoo". I.E. The number, letter, colour etc... Not for every tattoo, but the really significant ones.

The same could be applied to a Swaztika. Clearly, if a man has a Swaztika on his forehead, then it should be mentioned in /attributes.

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It’s all subject to personal opinion. So long as you’re not being a huge troll or writing something like “has strong fists and could probably beat up your dad” you’re usually fine. We can see vaguely what a character looks like at a glance, then a vague age and description in the attributes.


I don’t think we necessarily need to force everyone to write a long, detailed description. It’d be great in theory if you could see all their details, but it’s unmanageable in practice.

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On 8/14/2021 at 10:30 PM, knppel said:

The height of the base model is not clearly defined, hence refering to its height makes no sense.

Same counts for the weight.




GTA:O Protagonist is either 6ft0 (male) or 5ft9 (female) tall, according to the Wiki. Not sure how they get those measurements but it's something, I guess.


On 8/14/2021 at 11:39 PM, Wuhtah said:


It's okay to ask questions - there is no issue with this. Be kind to each other, please.


All admins are different in their ruling of things (this does not impact the player). Usually - when you look at someone's character - you assume they are THAT. The /attributes are there to let others know that it differentiates. You don't need to say "it looks the same as what you see". If some people want to say this - then sure, go ahead... Just make it realistic. I don't know exactly how tall the character model is or what size it is, but if you want to say that it looks roughly the same - describe it out - I see no issue with this. But don't say "Jane looks the same as the character model." - We tend to aim away from this because realistically, the player models would all be different if we could create them fully - expand on your thoughts here. 


Well said.


I believe some people choose to put "depicted as seen" or similar phrasing in their /attributes so that no /do questions come up regarding their character's appearance. Of course, some people are lazy and have really basic /attributes that explain nothing of a character's appearance, so those other players try and differentiate themselves from the majority.


Stuff like "description as seen" is fine, but there needs to be more details of how the character can influence other people subconsciously, i.e. you meet someone on the street and think nothing of them until you hear the way they talk, or how they talk. The /attributes feature should be like /me's, describing things which can't be seen, heard, or felt due to limitations in game mechanics. 

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If we ban, jail, warn, and restrict people into a corner sooner or later all that will be left is people who are god damn star children in following rules, but they may be a snoozefest in terms of contribution to the general roleplay environment of the server. Some people put a lot of effort into attributes and can barely roleplay a sentence in 5 minutes. I've seen far too many length attributes for characters that are stonewalled and emotionless. Others can have great depth of character but perhaps ignore the feature out of lack of experience. These pushes for "hard rules" and regulating the hell out of every way someone can blink is one of the current blights on this community, not a benefit. So no, I do not support this.

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It's big "No" for me. I don't know if we have anyone from World of Warcraft RP here, but there we had exactly same problem. All WOW RP'ers use addon that allow other RP'ers to check characters full name, eye colour, attributes...etc. It's needless to say that some RP'ers went all out in filling their profiles, writing down their entire backstory, bloodlines, small thesis... I mean it was crazy. We later found out that folks who had this gigantic profiles had less RP then ones who didn't, because if you want to know anything ICLY about character who doesn't have such a gigantic profile you have to ask, therefore you have to RP. Bottom line is that we are here to RP, we aren't here to be spoon fed with information.

TL:DR : We are here to RP, more interaction = more RP.

(( @Bloodseeker Bal'a dash, I guess you are from Wow ))

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helping to bump this up again




this is the first character i came across after coming back from a 2 week absence, pls for god sake put some actual guidelines and rules around /attributes, its gotten to the point its so horrendous it makes me avoid doing /examine on people i come across

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