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[LSNN] Former mob boss Peter Conti gets murdered mid-interview; News Anchor Dennis Sidwell gets shot, transported to Pillbox Hospital in a critical condition

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Former mob boss Peter Conti gets murdered mid-interview; News Anchor Dennis Sidwell gets shot, transported to Pillbox Hospital in a critical condition





Los Santos, SA - On 11th August 2021, LSNN team consisted of News Anchors Dennis Sidwell (37) and Natasha Cunningham (24) conducted an exclusive interview on LSNN TV with former mob boss Peter Conti. What started as a peaceful night filled with talks about the mob live on TV took a dramatic turn when an unknown number of armed men murdered four LSPD officers that were in front of Conti's motel room, allegedly Conti's protection detail. Afterwards, one of the men proceed to bust the door open, enter Conti's room, then proceed to shoot and kill Conti. It is believed that News Anchor Dennis Sidwell caught an accidental single shot while standing next to Conti, after which Sidwell fell unconscious on the bathroom floor.



In Memoriam - Peter Conti



"What I mean is, the mafia is alive. And it's thriving. This is a concept that will never die. When we compare the age of the boss before my time with mine, you can clearly see a difference. As I have said already, Sal Lena was living a poor man's life compared to me", said Peter Conti on LSNN TV amongst other things about the mob. A couple of minutes later, gunshots could be heard on the outside, which quickly followed on the inside too, when an unknown masked man entered the motel's room and murdered Peter Conti utilizing a firearm of an unknown caliber. 


News Anchor Dennis Sidwell received a single shot in the chest area, after which he got transported unconscious to Pillbox Hospital by the LSSD. As per latest information, Sidwell's condition is critical. He went through a surgery, however, he is still in a life-threatening condition and the doctors can not guarantee anything. Sidwell is awake and currently under strong medical supervision. The second News Anchor, Natasha Cunningham was hiding under the bed when the masked individual busted the door open. She remained unharmed during the incident.



Dennis Sidwell



"Dennis is a kind person and a great News Anchor. He is also a strong individual and I am sure he will win the biggest challenge in his life and return to work in a great health condition. The whole LSNN team will be there for him and help him through it, as well as offer emotional support to both our colleagues, for the emotional trauma they have faced earlier tonight. Our dear colleagues Dennis and Natasha can count on the LSNN for anything they need. They will be fine, I am sure of it", said Network's President Christopher Gardner in a statement.


LSSD and SAPR cleared the scene, after all on-scene LSPD officers got murdered.






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Username: buffalobill

Comment: wake up call ya fuking rat enjoy hell, rot in piss. oh yeah and the don sends his regards hehe… and for all those cops who dies? I’ll give a flower to your mudda… we ain’t animals …

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Username: Mob Historian

Comment: Mr. Conti knew what the fuck he was getting into. Going on air talking about his fellow gangsters. RIP to him and all the fallen officers, may the perpetrators of this heinous crime be brought to justice and face death.

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