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GTA Universe Brand Name Masterlist


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11 minutes ago, Macarroncito said:

My suggestion for the list of clothing brands, I would add "Hawaiian Snow". IRL it could probably be Quicksilver.

I would if someone didn't already RP that brand as their own sort of thing, yeah. I'll add it now, anyway!

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Sessanta Nova - Louis Vuitton

  • both have a monogram pattern as their biggest characteristic and use similar color schemes

  • both have collaborated with a streetwear brand which has a box logo (Bigness/Supreme)

Perseus - Hermes

Tim Vapid - Tom Ford

Max Renda - John Frieda

Sebastian Dix - Christian Dior

G&B/Gutter&Blood - Dolce & Gabbana

VDG/Val de Grace - Yves Saint Laurent

Blagueurs - Balenciaga/Vetements

Santo Capra - Versace

Anna Rex - Calvin Klein

Le Chien - Chanel

Güffy - Stüssy

Bigness - Supreme

Manor- Palace

Yeti - A Bathing Ape

Squash - Golf Wang

Trickster - Thrasher

Broker - Brooklyn Industries

Swallow - Hollister

Universal Uniform - American Apparel


Binco - JNCO

Hinterland- Timberland

Vulgari - Bulgari

Ranch - Levis

Enema - Prada

Backside Skateboards - World Industries

Hawaiian Snow - Quiksilver

Lézard - Lacoste

Sand Castle - Stone Island

Flying Bravo - Ralph Lauren

Jonny Tung - Jimmy Choo

Crowex - Rolex

Old Gen - New Era


The following ones are harder to connect, especially Eris/Heat/Prolaps are a tough nut to crack and so the reasoning behind connecting them to real life counterparts can be a stretch sometimes :

Gnocchi/Didier Sachs - Gucci

Eris - Nike/DC

  • Eris is the Greek Goddess of strife and discord, Nike is the Goddess of personified Victor

  • Logo has inverted letters, similar to DC

Heat - Adidas/Nike

  • Heat has a sub-label called Classic, just like Adidas

  • old logo kind of resembles two Swooshs, new logo kind of resembles Adidas logo

  • shoes designed after the NIKE Airmax 90, but with the new logo on the sole

Prolaps - Reebok/Adidas

  • Reebok nowadays is owned by Adidas

  • ProLaps livery on the Cheburek, which is the ingame version of the soviet Lada. Post-Soviet gopniks tend to wear Adidas

Crevis/Rearwall/Chianski - The North Face


Would be nice to have this added.

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