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Unsync running


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Hi everyone,


I'm experience a lag that annoys me a lot and could have a negative impact on my gameplay as a future law enforcement roleplayer. Here is the problem, I have a good working wifi as I never experience lags on other online games. Each time I try the command /anim running2, I never keep up with the others as they are outrunning me. Additionally, I see them teleporting instead of running. I experience stutters sometimes but even when I don't experience them, the running lag is still there. Here is a footage that explains everything that I've mentioned above:






As you can see, even when I sprint I still get outran by the others while they're only jogging. 

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Hey, it's not your wifi but your computer that doesn't handle the game. Do you experience the same things in (for example) clubs or high populated places? Seems like your framerate drops when there is a lot of stuff to render (players, vehicles, objects). Can your computer properly run GTA V? @Zebinho

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