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[LSNN] Abolition of Death Penalty Act of 2021: Forty law enforcement officers petition Governor Brandt to veto latest Democrat bill

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Abolition of Death Penalty Act of 2021: Forty law enforcement officers petition Governor Brandt to veto latest Democrat bill




Los Santos, SA - On 8th August 2021, President Pro Tempore of the Senate, Republican Frank Ernst received a petition and signatures from forty law enforcement officers condemning the Abolition of Death Penalty Act of 2021 that was recently passed in the Senate, after Secretary of State Guillermo Perez broke a tie in favor of Democrats in the latest Senate vote two days ago.



(Floor debate)


Forty law enforcement officers sent a signed petition to Governor Brandt against the bill proposed by Democratic Senator Valeria Reyes. "A young man from Rancho inspired me, the place where I was born. A young man who was heavily under the influence of narcotics, and had murdered a law enforcement officer as a result. He plead guilty in court in tears, gave a heartfelt speech and evidence was provided that he was indeed making a change of his life in prison. Nonetheless, he was sentenced to death by capital punishment. It is a ruthless, merciless and barbaric punishment. His case made me dive deeper into it. I am extremely proud of what we have achieved, and we are now a step closer to a more progressive San Andreas. This young man's name was Anthony Ramirez. I hope Ramirez's family and friends in Rancho are watching. His cruel death by our judiciary system has not gone unnoticed", said Ms. Reyes in an interview for LSNN after the Senate hearing.



(The petition)


"This partisan legislation would undermine the safety of the law enforcement community and give individuals convicted of capital crimes a free pass. It is unacceptable", is a part of the law enforcement officers' words in the petition. 


"Of course I am strongly against this bill. Law enforcement deserves to be safe too. It would motivate criminals to commit murders, knowing that all they would get is a life sentence in prison. Rapists and murderers should not be rewarded with the ability to continue their life in prison as if nothing happened and leech off the taxpayers' money", said a deputy in a statement for LSNN.


Sources state that more law enforcement officers are getting ready to sign the petition.






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Username: Presthekid

Comment: any lame that wants to let chomos walk free on our streets needs to get a zap to the head in the chair. keep those pigs locked up for life n execute them 1 by 1


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Username: ConcernedCitizen

Comment: These law enforcement officers need to do some research and get their facts straight. The death penalty does not increase community safety. This has been proved thousands of times. The murder rate in non-death penalty states is consistently lower than the rate in states with the death penalty, and the gap just keeps growing. Not just that, but leeching off the taxpayers' money? Seriously? The average cost of death penalty trials cost almost 50% more than both trials with life without parole and life with the possibility of parole. This is factual. The death penalty is nothing but an expensive and anachronistic practice from a less civilized time. Invest in public safety, abolish the death penalty.

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Username: AmericanPatriot99

Comment: I have known these damn democrats are pro crime and pro gangs.  We have to start kill all these gangs and degenerates as that is what is keeping them at bay. We need more executions as that is what drives the American economy. I was robbed twice now and may be killed if I step outside. We need a strong police presence on the streets and more armed forces patrols near these gang infested areas. It is a bloodbath  outside. The governor is corrupt and useless. WE NEED MORE RED BLOODED REPUBLICANS IN THE SENATE BUILDING. 

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Username: FrazInTheHouse.

Comment: I read "undermine the safety of the law enforcement community" and I already know enough. I'm glad that this act has passed, and I hope that it does not get VETO'd. I lost an Uncle to the Death Penalty when he was falsily accused and sentenced to death for "murdering a family of 6".  He happened to look a lot like the actual murderer, who was found only 2 years after my Uncle had been sentenced to Death. Also, the Death Penalty has never proven to be helpful. Assholes.

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Username: patriot1983

Comment: You’re mentally disturbed if you think pedophiles, rapists, and child abusers have any place in our society or in the world. Let the man upstairs deal with them!!

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