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Staff Update - August 2021

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the August of 2021's Staff Update. I hope everyone has had an amazing summer so far and for those that are out of school, I hope you are enjoying it for the last few weeks until you start off again! 

To start off the staff update I would like to thank the Administrators & Staff Members for the extremely hard work and dedication that they continue to place into the team itself and for the community overall. Our Staff Members work around the clock to make sure the community is stable and continuing to flow fluently with no bumps or curves in the road. It's always good to give them the appreciation that they deserve, as I know for fact, it is no easy job to step away from RP and other daily activities to focus on making sure you the players, are as happy as you can be with the community and the server overall during playing time. 

In the mid of the month Nervous released a testing phase for the Economy Update that we plan to have live on the server hopefully within the next upcoming weeks as testing is still underway. @Strobe has been working countlessly to make sure this update is stable and ready to be placed onto the live server with little to no issues so there will be an easy transition between the old system, and the new updated system. We would also like to thank you the players for the hours of dedication and time you have placed into testing the system and giving that feedback back over to Development & Strobe so we can stress the system and make sure its perfect. 

In other news, following the mass GTA V Update, we have seen a multitude of vehicles added to the server, we hope you are enjoying the new vehicles that have been placed in, as we look forward to more development for characters & factions to now have the proper vehicles they need to portray who they are.  The update also brought many crashes due to some changes in mod handling, that were fixed only after multiple days of testing new solutions and a lot of sleep depravation!

Within the month, Illegal Faction Management has conducted a "Supplier Census" survey which allowed members of the community to share feedback to Faction Management so they can have a better understanding of where to adjust. This is one of many steps Illegal FM has been taking in an attempt to further improve the Illegal Community, and as-well, the overall basis of illegal RP for the players. If you haven't had the chance to checkout the release, a link will be provided here

As a bit of an "in-character" update, I would like to personally welcome the San Andreas Aviation Authority to the community, as we now have a strict aviation authority monitoring our airspace and those who pass within. With the Aviation Authority becoming an official faction, we would like to remind everyone to register there aircraft and to stay up to date with ATC standards as it is now being watched over properly and realistically with correct protocols being put in place, rather then just saying you are departing and landing, you might have an actual ATC controller coming to speak with you. You can find a link to the website here!

We look forward for another great month and hope everyone has a great rest of the upcoming summer! Thank you all once again, especially the Staff & Community for being so dedicated to GTA World, as we would be in a far different place without the love and support that we have from all of you.


GTA:World Management Team


Admin Promotions
Game Administrator Level 2 to Game Administrator Level 3
@Naeno (Senior Faction Management - Illegal Focus)
@MomoIsHere (Head of Mapping)


Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2



Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1




Senior Support to Trial Administrator



Support to Senior Support




New Support Team Members


If you were a staff applicant and were not given support you can check your application to see if it was marked as denied or reserved. If you have been denied you will need to post on your application and request the reasoning if you wish to learn more about why you were not accepted. Be sure to tag both @Groz and @Jonesy so they can respond as soon as possible! As there is often a large influx of denial requests Please allow us 48 hours to update the status of your application, once your application has been updated with (Denied/Reserved) you may then request the decision reasoning. Once requested please give us 72 hours to respond to any denial reason requests. All reserved applicants will be automatically responded to with our expectations for your reserved month, there is no need to request a response on applications marked "Reserved". Any denied applicants this month may not reapply until the staff applications open again in November for December 2021's staff update.

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