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[Belladonna] The best summer dresses to sort your 'picnic in the park' wardrobe

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The best summer dresses to sort your 'picnic in the park' wardrobe


No summer wardrobe is complete without without a patterned dress. Whether you opt for geometric shapes or florals, bright dresses for the summer season are a must. Summer is the best time to opt for dresses that sit either on or just above the knee. However, finding a flattering, shorter dress can be tricky. Luckily, we are showing you the best minidresses, confortable and flirty, all of which promise to carry you seamlessly from day to night, office to dinner, beach to city. Stay fresh and have all eyes on you wearing these dresses.



Blue strapped dress with yellow dots: ($1,000) - Model: Penelope Halcro


Beige mini dress with blossom cherry flowers pattern: ($1,500) Model: Nina Garavano


Light blue mini dress with yellow flower pattern: ($1,200) Model: Chloe Castellani



Left: Pink and white mini dress: ($1,000) - Model: Emma Bailey

Right: White mini dress with cherry pattern: ($1,500) - Model: Chelsea Pierce


Dark blue mini dress with flower pattern: ($1,700) - Model: Seo Moon


Lime green dress with dots; ($1,000) - Models: Chelsea Jameson & Tommy Rivers

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((To roleplay buying the products and help us creating more roleplay  /banktransfer Amount Nina Garavano))


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