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IFM — Supplier Census Results & Information

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Just now, i dont wanna od in LA said:

Slightly off-topic but is this the current effect breakdown? Last time I used meth on the server (like 2 days ago) it also gives you the "smell" and "bloodshot eyes" effects.

It’s the most up to date one that has been shared publicly - I’ll find out if there has been adjustments to a private version and will release that also.

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All major supplier applications have recently been handled and our pool of suppliers has drastically changed in order to combat the issues that were raised in the supplier census we conducted in July. It is now September so we are re-releasing (almost) the same census as last time. It takes no more than 2 minutes to fill out if you don't want to type anything, it's really quick, simple, easy, and we hold none of your personal data, it's anonymous beyond the area of role-play you're in. We are not expecting massive changes in responses but consistently being able to monitor this will allow us to identify trends.


This census last time allowed a lot of points to be raised by the community and the issue of supply/demand will always be around, but we are trying to minimize that gap.


In this census, a new section has been added; melee weapons. This is to address the issue of the current melee scene which was missed in the previous census and was highly requested. This also gives you the chance to raise gripes with how knuckles/switchblades are circulated and their pricing, just like guns/drugs.


We will do the same thread again, but as requested as well, we will go more in-depth as well as provide an "action plan" that will be discussed among @IFM Council to get the best solutions.


Please share this message with GTA:W members and circulate this link to anyone that's willing to help: https://forms.gle/FsfpgNPacHo6D6ex8



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