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Why do you think GTA World is dying?


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4 minutes ago, BTNBlitta said:


I would like to start this topic for the players who loves the concept of GTA World but just cant play it due to the amount of rules being broke, Non-RPERS, and admins not following their own rules they created.. But they expect players to follow them.


Feel free to leave your opinion, I would like to hear them all.


To touch on your comments here specifically:


It is incredibly difficult to moderate and administrate a server full of 800+ players at a time. Let's say there are 10 administrators on admin duty. That's 80 players each to handle. Let's say they get around... two reports per minute. That's 120 reports in an hour between 10 administrators. Some reports may be for simple things such as bugs or spawn issues, but other more delicate and intricate issues take longer to handle. Our administrators are volunteers and they're doing their very best for the server. We can't expect them to be able to handle every single situation within seconds of it being reported. That's why posting forum reports is so incredibly important.


Be kind to them. They're doing their best.

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The server is not dying. Although a negative trend of average players for three months in a row, this July is still the 4th most populated month of GTA World's history. Source: https://unhostile.com/playerCount/#


That loss of players could be due to many factors such as holidays, people getting bored of the game, and ON A SMALLER SCALE people who might be not satisfied with what roleplay they see/encounter based on their standards.

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When's the funeral? We got a couple thousand seats?


..no it's not dying at all no matter how many times people have said it's dying. At worst, people are out catching up and living life as things open back up.

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I get a feeling this topic is made to bash and complain.

On every server no matter how old or how popular it is, there's always someone claiming the server is 'dying'. No server is picture perfect and will never be. Get over it.

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As someone who has a life debilitating addiction to hardcore b-list indie shooters like Day of Infamy, Verdun and Beyond The Wire your interpretation of what's dead makes me vibrate and swear loudly in my wheelchair.

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